How to Get a Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) Certificate

Working in the food service industry requires obtaining specific certifications to ensure food is handled safely. The Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) certification demonstrates an individual’s knowledge of food safety best practices. Obtaining this certificate can open opportunities for career advancement in restaurants, grocery stores, schools, and other establishments that serve food. Here are the steps to becoming a CFPM.

Choose a Training Program

The first step is selecting an accredited training program from a nationally recognized body like RocketCert. Training is available through online courses, in-person classes, or self-study materials. The training program must cover key food safety topics such as personal hygiene, proper food storage and handling techniques, and preventing cross-contamination.

Complete the Training Material

Carefully review all provided training materials, which cover subjects like foodborne illness prevention, personal hygiene, cross-contamination, time and temperature control, cleaning and sanitizing, and facility maintenance. Take notes on important concepts and definitions. Online courses may include instructional videos, readings, and exercises to check understanding. Workbook study involves reading all sections and answering review questions. Set aside focused time to complete the full training.

Prepare for the Exam

Before testing, assess your knowledge by taking practice exams available through most programs. Identify any weak topics needing extra review. The actual certification exam is multiple choice, with around 90 minutes allotted for completion. Make sure to bring proper identification on exam day and check testing policies for reference materials allowed. Relax and read each question carefully to select the single best answer.

Take the Certification Exam

Exams are administered through authorized prometric testing centers, instructor-led sessions, or online proctoring for certain programs. Arrive early to check in and feel comfortable in the testing environment. Power off electronics and store belongings appropriately. Remain focused on one question at a time during the timed exam. If unsure of an answer, choose the option that seems most correct and flag it for review if time permits.

Receive Your Results and Certificate

Test scores are typically available within a few business days if taking the exam online or through a proctor. A minimum passing score of 75% is required to earn the CFPM credential. Certificates last for 5 years before requiring renewal. Frame or laminate this proof of accomplishment for your professional portfolio or to display in your place of work. You can also add the certification to your resume and LinkedIn profile to stand out in job applications or potential career advancements. The CFPM certification shows dedication to excellence in facility management principles and practices.

Maintain Your Certification

Continuing education is necessary to renew the Certified Food Protection Manager every 5 years. This keeps managers up to date on the latest food safety innovations and regulations. Many programs offer online refresher courses covering changes to acceptable practices. Stay knowledgeable to protect public health in your essential role within the food industry.


Obtaining the Certified Food Protection Manager certificate demonstrates a commitment to professional standards through education. Earning this credential can open new career opportunities while bolstering skills valuable for any food service role. Careful preparation and review according to the outlined steps will help you to pass the certification exam on the first attempt. Maintaining renewal ensures ongoing qualification as food protection practices evolve over time.

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