Phoenix Cycle Price in Bangladesh 2023, Tornado, Cortex, Hurricane, Kubo

From years, Phoenix Cycle is a desired brand of bicycles because it has a wide range of bicycles available for various age groups and purposes. As well starting price of Phoenix cycle is BDT 11,100 to BDT 24,000. Further, we will explore the prices of Phoenix Cycle Price in Bangladesh 2023, Tornado, Cortex, Hurricane, Kubo, as well as couple of factors that can affect the cost of them. The type of bicycles are a major factor in determining the price. The materials used to assemble can also impact its rate. This made with high quality parts, such as lightweight aluminum frames and fiber components, that cause to be more expensive.

Phoenix Tornado Cycle Price In Bangladesh 2023

From “12,000 Taka to the 15,000 Taka” is the price of Phoenix Tornado Cycle in Bangladesh. Due to a variety of factors, the Phoenix Cycle Price in Bangladesh 2023 may go up and also down. Different sizes of these cycle are assembled for different purposes, and this can affect their cost.

Phoenix Cycle Price In Bangladesh Approx. Price
Phoenix Alloy 21 For Men 11,100 Taka
Phoenix Double Spock Wheel 7,050 Taka
Phoenix 16 For (Kids) 6,400 Taka
Phoenix Hurricane 9,100 Taka
Phoenix Connect 14,600 Taka
Phoenix EUR 15,100 Taka
Phoenix Banner for (Team) 9,900 Taka
Phoenix Zora 24,100 Taka
Phoenix Classic 11,100 Taka
Phoenix 1400 14,100 Taka
Phoenix 1700 18,100 Taka

Phoenix Cortex Cycle Price In Bangladesh 2023

One of the most common uses of a bicycle is for leisure and exercise. People often ride their bicycle on trails or around their neighborhood for the enjoyment of the outdoors and to get some exercise.

Phoenix Cortex 13,400 Taka

Phoenix Hurricane Cycle Price In Bangladesh 2023

Now, Phoenix Hurricane Cycle exists at the lowest price. When children free from all work then they prefer these cycles because of its health benefits.

Phoenix Hurricane Price 12,900 Taka
Phoenix Kubo Cycle Price In Bangladesh

Riding a cycle is a low-impact form of exercise that can be done by people of all ages and fitness levels, making it a great way to stay active and healthy.

Phoenix Kubo Price 11,750 Taka
Phoenix Argus Bicycle Price In Bangladesh

Many people choose to ride their cycles to work or school instead of driving a car in order to save money on gas, reduce their carbon footprint, and get some exercise in the process.

Phoenix Argus Price 12,400 Taka

good to ride

Phoenix Raptor Cycle Price in Bangladesh

Cycles are also often used as a means of transportation in cities and urban areas where traffic can be congested and parking is limited.

Phoenix Raptor Price 7,100 Taka
Phoenix Corus Bicycle Price in Bangladesh

In addition to being used for leisure and transportation, cycles are also used in competitive sports such as road racing and mountain biking. Professional cycling is a popular sport that attracts millions of spectators and participants around the world.

Phoenix Corus Price 11,600 Taka

Overall, Phoenix Cycle Price in Bangladesh 2023, Tornado, Cortex, Hurricane, Kubo is approximate. And its real that this is trusted and reliable brand of bicycles that has every demanded size. Whether you are a casual rider and need a cycle there’s a Phoenix Cycle bike that will meet your needs. So, you can choose the best one for you.

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