Designing and Maintaining Your Board and Batten Vinyl Siding

After considering all of your options, you may have come to the conclusion that board and batten vinyl siding is the way to go for the siding on the exterior of your home! Whether it was due to their functionality or their aesthetic appeal, this siding has won its way into your heart and you are ready to begin the designing and maintaining process in order to maximize the potential of this siding. Their vinyl design versatility will allow you to be able to customize the outside of your home just the way you like it to fit your personality and certain dimensions of the home. Every house is unique and this siding is designed to fit your home in the best way possible while also offering the convenience of being easy to maintain and take care of for years to come. Whether you are looking to design and install this vinyl siding, or you are hoping for practical tips on how to clean and maintain it if it is already up, then this article is for you!

Installing and Measuring

Installing vinyl siding for homes in general is a relatively simple process that can really really showcase the unique features of your home. Every house is going to have different measurements and different factors that will make cutting the siding different in every situation. Rafters, windows, heights, and lengths, will all play a role in how much siding you will need and how it will be designed. Be sure to take precise measurements and account for a little extra so that you do not end up running short on materials. Having your boards lined up precisely will allow for a clean-cut look for your house and enable the siding to keep out as much moisture and elements as possible. Board and batten Idaho Falls can assist with precise measurements and even the installation process if you decide to do with that material for the siding on your house. 

Materials and Designing

The concept of board and batten is available in different materials that you can choose from based on durability, aesthetic appearance and preference, as well as what will work best for your budget. The most common materials often used for this design include:

  • Vinyl – Available in many different colors and easy to maintain
  • Wood – Natural and tradition aesthetic appeal
  • Fiber Cement – Fire resistant

These materials and this particular design helps to effectively secure the outside of the home from the elements. No matter how you choose to lay out your board and batten, this ingenious pattern allows you to customize your look without compromising its functionality of protecting a houses’ exterior. When designing with this vinyl siding, you can choose to lay your boards and battens either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to create your own unique design. 

Maintaining Your Siding

This particular siding is praised for its low-maintenance upkeep and the ease in which you are able to maintain its integrity over years. Knowing your home is protected with minimal effort is a quality that brings many homeowners peace of mind when deciding with which vinyl they are going with. By taking minimal care of it, you can help to ensure its longevity. The exterior of a home is bound to get dirty as it is exposed to the elements so one of the easiest ways to clean and maintain this vinyl siding is by using a pressure washer. Do this especially before adding a fresh coat of paint to keep your house looking brand-new for years to come!

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