Do I Need an LLC or Business License to Sell on Amazon? (Answered)

If you want to sell things on Amazon, you might wonder if you need to do some official stuff like forming an L.L.C. or getting a business license. Well, it depends on a few things.

First, the kind of stuff you want to sell; second, where you live; and third, how your business is set up. Let’s look at an LLC or Business License and then see what you might need to do to sell on Amazon!

Overall, LLC is not necessary to start selling on Amazon as any individual can register to sell on their platform.
However, according to Sellershelp24 — having an LLC sometimes makes the ungating process and approval more smooth. 
They (Sellershelp24) as an agency can offer new, already registered, and approved Amazon accounts for sale. Also, they do have ones that are already registered to LLCs.

But now let’s explore a bit more about LLC and what they are.

What is an LLC?

LLC (Limited Liability Company) is a business structure that combines a corporation’s protection with a partnership’s flexibility. It shields the owners (called members) from personal responsibility for the company’s debts and legal problems. This reason makes it a popular choice for small and medium-sized businesses. To create an LLC, you must file paperwork and pay fees, with requirements varying by state.

Do you need an LLC to sell on Amazon?

Do I need an LLC or Business License to Sell on Amazon? No, you don’t have to create an LLC to sell on Amazon, but it can be helpful for business owners. An LLC offers protection by keeping your assets separate from your business debts. It can also have some tax advantages. However, setting up an LLC involves paperwork and fees, so getting advice from a legal or financial expert are a good idea to see if it’s right for your business.

What is a Business license?

A business license is a legal document from the government that lets a person or company do certain business activities in a specific area. It’s needed for some businesses to operate legally and follow local laws. Requirements for getting a license can vary depending on the business type and location. Some companies may need more than one license from different government agencies.

Do you need a Business License to sell on Amazon?

In the United States, selling on Amazon may require a business license, depending on where you live. Some states and local areas might ask you to get a general business license to run any business, while others might have a different rule. It’s best to check with your local authorities in the state where you want to do business to know if you need a business license.

Benefits of Obtaining a Business License:

Getting a business license has many advantages for people who sell things online.

  1. It makes sure you’re running your business legally and responsibly.
  2. It also protects your personal belongings in case someone sues your business.
  3. A business license can make getting money from lenders or attracting investors easier. They usually want businesses to be registered and licensed before they help with money.
  4. Lastly, a business license helps build your brand and makes customers trust you more. People prefer to buy from registered and licensed companies because it shows that you follow the rules and care about quality.

What should you do to Sell on Amazon?

To sell on Amazon, you must do a few things:

  • List your products:

Create detailed descriptions, pictures, and prices for each item you want to sell.

  • Fulfill orders:

Deliver products on time by shipping them to customers or using Amazon’s fulfillment service.

  • Provide exemplary customer service:

Be helpful and quick in responding to customer questions and solving any problems they may have.

  • Pay fees:

Amazon charges fees for each sale, which can vary based on what you’re selling and your pricing plan.

  • Create a seller account:

Sign up on Amazon as a seller and inform them about your business and products.

  • Follow the rules:

Ensure you follow all the laws and regulations, especially regarding product safety and labeling.


To summarize, if you plan to sell online, you should know the rules. Different places and products have additional requirements, but it’s generally intelligent to register your business and get any needed permits. This way, your things stay safe, and you run your business legally and responsibly.

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