How to Check a Domain History Before Buying It


Picking the right domain name is crucial if you are planning to start a business online. Before purchasing a domain, do you know it is also a good idea to check its history?

Here you will get free domain name to access websites forever with cheapest price provider. Your domain name should be a clean, non-detrimental one to prevent negative effects on your business.

Checking a domain’s history is easy and quick with this article. With DomainRacer you can find clean domains with a good history.

The Importance of Looking up a Domain’s History

When people try to build a website on an existing domain name, they run into many problems. In the event that your domain name has a problem, you can purchase a new domain name. DomainRacer offers domain registration services.

SEO Black Hat

In some cases, domain names can be tied to black-hat SEO practices. By buying backlinks or by using other schemes that produce low-quality backlinks, you can manipulate search engines. Google may have penalized the domain in search rankings if a previous owner used black hat tactics.

An Abuse History

Domains with a history of abuse might not be worth buying. Discover the Domain Name Generator Tool’s ingenuity, providing users with an extensive list of domain name suggestions, enabling them to establish a memorable and compelling online identity.

Historically, phishing websites, spam emails, and other malicious activities may have been hosted by a domain.

The Block List

Filtering blocklists might also include the domain name. When a domain is listed on a blocklist, like blocking adult content, removing it can take a long time. People may have difficulty visiting your website if your domain has been blacklisted by ISPs. Domains that some ISPs consider to be unsafe may be blocked.

Traffic Coming from the Wrong Direction

This domain may still be linked to third-party sites for its old activities. In this case, you’ll be attracting the wrong group of visitors.

Malware or Spam-Related

A domain may also be unwise to buy if it was previously associated with spam or malware. This can happen to domains that have previously hosted spam or malicious websites.

How Does Domain History Help You?

If you were buying a second-hand car, you’d want to see the service history, wouldn’t you? You can check the domain ownership history of your website, just as you would check the maintenance history of a car.

You can find out who owns a domain by looking at its ownership history:

  • Previous sales history
  • The purpose of the domain
  • Its original registration date
  • Illegal use of the domain
  • Is there any infringement of trademarks?
  • Ownership of past domains

A website’s traffic statistics may even be visible in some cases. For serious domain buyers, checking the ownership history of a domain is important.

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The Best Way to Check a Domain’s History Before Buying It

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a domain for your website or business. If you’re curious about a particular domain’s history, there are a few popular tools that can help you find out.

1.  Lookup WHOIS History

Using a WHOIS History Lookup tool is one of the most popular ways to check a domain’s history. In WHOIS, you can find contact details and registration info for websites.

A WHOIS History Lookup will tell you who the registrant was in the past and who is now if there’s any change. Information that’s been updated over time. A WHOIS History Lookup is as easy as typing in the domain name and hitting enter.

You’ll see all the info about that domain on the results page. This includes the date of registration, the name of the registrant, as well as the date it was updated.

2.  Google

To check Google’s view of a domain name, you should also check the domain name itself before making a purchase.

The first step is to locate a domain such as this:

Using this method, you will be able to view all the Google-indexed pages for the domain name. You should see the domain name in the search results if it points to any kind of web page (such as a parked page). It is possible for a parked page to be blocked from being indexed by Google, but this is uncommon. If this search yields no results, you should investigate further.

To find the domain name, enter it in quotes as follows:


There may be news items about the former website that used to be associated with this domain name as a result of searching for the domain name. Watch out for stories about scams, lawsuits, etc., when reading news stories with links to the domain.

3.  DomainIQ

The DomainIQ tool is an excellent source of information about domain names. Currently, you can find out what its status is and what its history is.

For the full report, try entering your e-mail address. DomainIQ is free, but there is a daily search limit. Paying $24.95 per month is the starting price for its paid plans.

In the search bar, you type in the name of the domain you want to register. Getting its records and displaying a report will take a few seconds.

4.  Wayback Machine

Internet Archive handles the Wayback Machine. Also to old versions of websites, the Internet Archive archives pretty much everything online. To preserve entire websites, the Wayback Machine captures “snapshots” of them.

Using Wayback Machine, users can retrieve the history of over 607 billion pages on the internet. You can view historical screenshots of the web pages on a domain by typing them into Wayback Machine.

Wayback when it is possible to see what the website looked like when it was live on the domain. The history of use of the domain gives you a lot of context. DomainRacer will help in all the categories before buying a domain.


Existing domains are not completely safe, so you cannot guarantee that you are purchasing a secure domain. It’s the same as buying a house; you can’t be sure there won’t be any issues.

But, these tools can help you uncover problems that need further investigation. Furthermore, discovering a domain’s history can actually prove helpful to you.

Any quality backlinks generated by the previous owner could help you gain an edge when you start your site on the same topic. DedicatedCore and DomainRacer are the best domain name providers to buy a new domain name along with the hosting service.

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