9 Exquisite Rakhi And Gifts Ideas To Elevate Your Raksha Bandhan Celebration

The bond between a brother and sister is a cherished and irreplaceable connection that deserves to be celebrated with utmost love and affection. You can elevate your Raksha Bandhan celebration to new heights by embracing the beauty of exquisite Rakhi designs and thoughtful gifts.

You can choose from a wide range of options, such as divine Rakhis, Fancy Rakhis, dazzling embellishments, and meaningful symbols. So, get ready to elevate your Raksha Bandhan celebration as we have compiled some of the top and exquisite Rakhi designs with some thoughtful gifts that can surely impress your brother.

1] Mixed Nuts With Chocolates And Rakhis

Delight your brothers with this stunning combo gift on Raksha Bandhan, as this combo includes three designer Rakhis with assorted nuts and blueberry-flavored chocolates. The Rakhis are made with a floral-designed dial which is studded with golden beads and pearls and etched into the designer silk thread. These designer Rakhis will adorn your brothers’ wrists and can be worn even after the auspicious festival.

2] Ganesh Rakhi With Mixed Chocolates

Bless your brother with this exquisite and divine Rakhi on Raksha Bandhan. The Rakhi features a lord Ganesh center dial made of metal charm, which is studded with Rudraksha Beads on each side.

Further, the Rakhi is adorned with colorful beads giving the Rakhi a divine look. Mixed chocolates that come with this combo will bring childhood memories of you two together that can fill the celebration with love and emotion.

3] Lotus Rakhi With Dry Fruits

Lotus Rakhi is a work of art, and it can surely be appreciated by your brother. The Rakhi features a stunning white lotus dial which is embellished with shiny stones and pearls and etched to a luxurious red thread. The Rakhi will adorn your brother’s wrist, and the dry fruits that come with this combo will show your love and care for your brother.

4] Beaded Rakhi With Exotic Dessert

Beaded Rakhi is the perfect blend of modern and traditional art as the Rakhi features golden beads and red stones embellishments that are etched to a designer red thread. The Rakhi is paired with chocolate-dipped blueberry dates to satisfy the sweet tooth of your brother.

This is a perfect Rakhi combo to impress your brother living abroad. For instance, if your brother lives in USA and you want to send rakhi to USA that doesn’t let him miss home, then you can send him this traditional Rakhi with a modern touch and exotic dessert.

5] The Loaded Rakhi Combo

Surprise your stylish brothers with the loaded Rakhi combo on the celebration of Raksha Bandhan. The combo includes two stylish Rakhis that are made with layers of rudraksha beads. It is adorned with golden beads and pearls and etched into the sacred Mouli thread giving it a traditional touch as well. The combo also consists of a pack of fig berries that can make your brother feel special and happy.

6] Traditional Rakhi And Kaju Katli Barfi Combo

Traditional Rakhi that is made with a floral center dial and studded with blue and golden beads and etched to the soft red thread will adorn your brother’s wrist. This traditional and stunning Rakhi can be worn even after the celebration because it enhances the look of the wearer.

The combo includes kaju kati and barfi, which are popular Indian sweets and can add extra sweetness to the celebration.

7] Sweet Divinity Rakhi Combo

Sweet divinity Rakhi combo includes a divine Rakhi that is made with the holy symbol Om made of metal charm as the center dial, which is adorned with golden beads and tied to the sacred Mouli thread. This divine Rakhi can bring peace and prosperity to your brother’s life, and Kaju Katli rolls will be a treat to your brother’s sweet tooth.

8] Cookies And Candies Rakhi Set

Cookies and candies Rakhi set can be the perfect option to celebrate the festival in a fun and humorous way. The Rakhi is made with a round-shaped center dial with an astronaut character and blue beads on each side. The combo contains almond cookies and chocolates that can make your brother happy and elevate the celebration with joy and happiness.

9] Sweet Krishna Rakhi Combo

Sweet Krishna Rakhi combo is one of the top and trendy combos that you can order to show your love and care for your brother. The Rakhi a center dial that features a small idol of lord Krishna in which he is sitting and playing the flute which is further adorned with shiny stones giving the Rakhi a divine look. The Rakhi is paired with a customized mug and besan laddoo to make the celebration extra special.

To Summarize

The Raksha Bandhan celebration can be elevated with exquisite Rakhi and combos that you can send rakhi to Canada with national and international delivery options. For your convenience, we have suggested some of the top and trendy Rakhi combos that can be appreciated by your brother and make him feel special. From Mixed nuts and chocolates with Rakhis to a Sweet Krishna Rakhi combo, there are many options for you from which you can choose the perfect one to impress your brother.

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