Avoid Making These User Experience Mistakes By Working With A Brookhaven, NY Web Design Company

What happens when a visitor comes to your website? Does he stick around or move away within seconds? If it is the second, your site’s user experience elements must be tweaked and upgraded.

Why is UX important for your business?

User experience (UX) is a critical part of website design and has more impact on conversions than you realize. If the site fails to load quickly or looks overly cluttered, and viewers cannot navigate it smoothly, they abandon it and move elsewhere. Measure your website’s UX to see whether it’s optimum for viewers and can help them find what they want.

Once you know what’s wrong with the site and which features aren’t functioning optimally, you can work on correcting and improving those. You don’t want to lose sales just because your site leaves visitors frustrated, do you? A loss in sales can happen for many reasons that are not in your control. But, for those who are, you can reach out to a “ web design near me.”

How to avoid mistakes to improve your site’s UX:

Here’s a list of things to ensure your site doesn’t turn away visitors. When you sign up with a leading web design Long Island company in Brookhaven, they will point out these mistakes:

  • Avoid center page ads: What’s more annoying for a visitor than a large ad in the middle of a page? It takes over the web pages and makes visitors navigate around them. It ruins the UX for your visitors and makes them frustrated enough to leave the site. It’s almost like a sales personnel pouncing on you at every corner of the store, leaving you flustered and confused!
  • Don’t use stock photos: When you find a company offering web design in Brookhaven, NY, they advise you not to use stock photos because these don’t facilitate conversions. Most ecommerce sites use them, and they make them look alike. The viewer learns nothing about your company, and these photos reflect a poor site design, hurting your brand’s credibility. Instead, use images of your products to attract customers.
  • Ensure navigability: When visitors find it hard to navigate your site, it’s a red flag. You must remember that your site will get visitors of all ages, many of whom may not be too familiar with the technology. When the site design is overly complex, navigation buttons are hard to spot, and users leave. Instead, make the design appealing and user-friendly, even if it means limiting options. You must ensure that the visitors can find what they want quickly. When faced with too many choices, they will become confused.
  • Avoid placing auto-play videos: You must have seen these too many times. A video starts playing as soon as you turn up at a website. Since your speakers are on, the video starts blaring, and you struggle to mute or pause it. You hurriedly leave the site, promising never to come back. That’s how impactful auto-play videos can be! However, if you sign up with an experienced web design company, they will advise you to keep videos but ensure these don’t start playing automatically.
  • Improve slow-loading websites: This is a prime reason which turns away visitors faster than anything else. When the site design is so heavy that it takes a while for the website to upload, visitors tend to leave. You can’t expect them to stick around if this takes beyond three seconds! It leads to fewer conversions because the user experience suffers.in such a situation, your web design company will consult the web host and see if the speed can increase.
  • Do away with pop-ups: Pop-ups may benefit your business but can impact a site’s UX. No one likes being interrupted when searching for a product or service. Instead, you can promote using banners on the sides of the pages without using pop-ups. Users can click on banners and get more information if needed.
  • Show what your business is: Everyone doesn’t know what you do. Your website must show what your business is about, and visitors must know this within seconds of reaching it. For this, you can create short and lucid headlines or videos so that you don’t have bounce rates. Headlines must not extend beyond two sentences and above the fold. Videos must be 1-2 minutes long so visitors can get a brief idea about your company and what makes you different.
  • Don’t use long sign-up forms: When a user wishes to subscribe to your products, the registration process should be smooth. It should not be tedious or lengthy, frustrating him enough to leave the site without taking action. To get this right, your web design partner will test the form fields to understand which are getting better conversions.


Can UX bring you more customers?

UX can bring more traffic to your website because people like to browse on sites that are easy to navigate, have an appealing design, and are quick to load.

Why should you sign up with a web design company in Brookhaven, NY?

Signing up with an experienced web design company helps because they understand the specific needs of businesses and have experts who know design tweaks to get the best outcomes.

How can a Long Island web design company help your business?

A reputed Long Island web design company maps out users’ online journey and identifies the pain points. It helps them to figure out what users want from a site and make necessary changes to deliver this.

Should you invest in professional UX design solutions?

It is always a good idea to hire companies for your UX design because your sales will spike when customers have a pleasant shopping experience on your website. Besides high conversions, you will benefit from long-lasting customer loyalty.

Should your site offer real-time support on all customer touchpoints?

Customers may have queries that can be addressed by salespeople when they walk into a store. However, on a website, this isn’t possible. If you can deploy chatbots instead to initiate conversations with your buyers, you can connect with them and resolve their queries.

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