Berger Paint Bangladesh Price List 2023

For both indoor and outdoor purpose, Berger Paint Bangladesh Price List 2023 has everything in it. Being a top paints brand of BD, they always tried to improve the life of their product. They also elaborated their chart and types that any of the users can precisely choose the right paint. Even for wood and plastic, this brand creates unique item and definitely its result will also better than a general one.

Berger Paint Bangladesh Price List 2023

This content has a comprehensive price list of Berger Paint Bangladesh in 2023. While, there are two or three packing in every paint type. So, as per use, one can buy the right pack that the all paint used. These rates also may change at any time, so kindly also confirm at time of purchase.

Berger Paint Types Quantity(Packing) Price
Plastic Paint 3.64 liter 1180 Taka
Luxury silk 20 Liter 8676 Taka
Enamel Paint 20 Liter 3163 Taka
Floor Paint 20 Liter 3163 Taka
Epoxy Paint 1 Liter 744 Taka
Floor Paint 4 Liter 4343 Taka
Distemper Paint 20 Liter 927 Taka
Wall Paint 20 Liter 1123 Taka
Illusion Paint 1 Liter 1014 Taka
Wood Paint 20 Liter 4,400 to 7,000 Taka

Berger Plastic Paint Price in Bangladesh

Furthermore, plastic paint is a special type of paint that is specifically formulated for use on plastic surfaces. It is especially make for plastic surfaces and provides long lasting finish that resists chipping or fading as well.

Berger Plastic Paint Price 1180 Taka of the 3.64 liter

Berger Luxury Silk Paint Price in Bangladesh

This will give your walls a smooth, silky finish. Yes, made with pure, and a special blend of resins, which give an excellent coverage and more finer finish.

Berger Luxury Silk Paint Price 8676 Taka and this is for 20 Liters
Berger Enamel Paint Price in Bangladesh

An oil based paint with a high gloss finish is property of Berger Enamel Paint. It’s typically used on solid, metal, and other surfaces to provide a protective coating that is resistant to wear and tear.

Berger Enamel Paint Price 3163 Taka( For the 20 Liter)
Berger Floor Paint Price In Bangladesh

On concrete and other types of flooring, Berger floor paint give excellent result. This is typically used in commercial and industrial settings, but can also be used in residential spaces.

Berger Floor Paint Price 3163 Taka
  • Their number is: 08000-123456 and this is only for the buyers assistance.

Berger Epoxy Paint Price in Bangladesh

Their are two part of epoxy coating that is ideal for use on concrete and other surfaces. It is known for such an exceptional smoothness, making an excellent choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Berger Epoxy Paint Price 744 Taka(For 1 Liter)
  • Berger Distemper Paint Price In Bangladesh

Common use distemper is a type of paint composed of water, pigment, and a binder. However, one can apply it simply and it dries quickly, and can be easily cleaned up with water.

Berger Distemper Paint Price 927 Taka(Of 20 Liter)
  • Berger Wall Paint Price In Bangladesh

An good resistance against fading and water damage is the specialty of this type. Many of painter also consider it same like the distemper but actuality is different.

Berger Wall Paint Price 1123 Taka

for paint too

  • Berger Illusion Paint Price In Bangladesh

To create optical illusions on walls and other surfaces, you can try this one. It is made with special pigments and additives that help create the illusion of depth and movement.

Berger Illusion Paint Price 1014 Taka
  • Berger Wood Paint Price In Bangladesh

One of the key features of wood paint is that it easy to clean up and environmentally friendly. The need of it is to protect and enhance the natural beauty of wood, while also providing durability.

Berger Wood Paint Price 4,400 to 7,000 Taka

Finally, Berger Paint Bangladesh price list 2023 is trying to compile here, but its a really tough task. So, one will must get the prices by arranging an call on their number. While, also don’t worry because this is free of cost but plz only get knowledge of price or some very necessary stuff. Thank u.

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