BRB Cable Price List 2023 in Bangladesh

In an effort to provide fair pricing, their is new BRB Cable price list 2023 in Bangladesh. Such positive approach showcase the company’s commitment to quality and with this they convey formal rates to customers. As we enter in 2023, it need to know about the BRB cables  latest price which help you plan your budget accordingly. The manufacturer has a skilled team who are committed to delivering exceptional products. Surely, they cover almost every type including power cables, telecommunication, and optical fiber cables etc.

BRB Cable Price List 2023

As a finest provider of cables and wires in Bangladesh, BRB Cable price list 2023 is ready for customers. That’s why we have prepared this comprehensive guide to help you navigate cable pricing and purchasing. So, before going in the market for cables, get approximate rates info.

BRB Cable Type Price in Bangladesh (Per Coil)
3/22 2,300 BDT (1.0 rm)

2,800 BDT (1.3 rm)

3/20 4,190 BDT (2.0 rm)
3/29 N/A
7/20 8,200 BDT (4.0 rm)
7/22 6,400 BDT (3.0 rm)
  • Note: Sometime shoppers sale it on discount and maybe, you will get in slighter less price from them.

Types of BRB Cables in Bangladesh:

Five are the main groups of BRB cables in Bangladesh who again parted in many types used as per requirement. All of them are best in use too in own category.

  • PVC
  • XLPE
  • Optical Fiber & LAN
  • Extra High Voltage
  • Telecommunication

Approximate Rates:

BRB Cable Type Price
PVC Single Core Cable 450/750V Price (Per 100 Meter) 1267 to 1,155,641 Taka
FRLS PVC Single Core Cable 450/750V Price (Per 100 Meter) 2,255 to 278,446 Taka
FR PVC Single Core Cable 450/750V Price (Per 100 Meter) 1,267 to 32,375 Taka
BHA LSZH-FR Skin Coated Cable 450/750V Price (Per 100 Meter) 1,474 to 34,064 Taka
PVC Multi Core Cable 300/500V Price (Per 100 Meter) 2,888 to 24,579 Taka
PVC Flat Cable Core 300/500V Price (Per 100 Meter) 6,113 to 109,937 Taka
PVC Single Aluminum Cable 450/750V Price (Per 100 Meter) 664 to 4,487 Taka
PVC Flexible Cord 300/500V Price (Per 100 Meter) 4,047 to 42,890 Taka
Coaxial Cables Coaxial Cables 5,490 to 8,643 Taka
  • An elaborated detail of them.

Why Choose BRB Cable?

There are some reasons to choose BRB Cable for your cable needs:

  • Material used by them is safe and best to ensure the performance for their users.
  • Rate wise, they are competitive, making it easy for customers to get the cables they need without big margin.
  • Multi types of cables are under one platform to meet the needs, from power cables to communication cables and everything in between.
  • One can easily find them from stores and have all the support they desires.

for this product too

BRB Cable Contact Number:
Contact Number 88 071-61600, 880-2-58617610

Although their network is in all over the Bangladesh but those who want to buy it in bulk or shopper can visit their main location that is:

BRB Cable Address:
House Number 10/B, Road No: 6, Dhanmondi that is in Dhaka

Those who are constructing new house, BRB Cable price list 2023 in Bangladesh is for them. It is necessary to have an up to date new price to help in planning the budget. Few time, one will get some discount from those seller who get some offer from them.

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