Crown Cement Price in Bangladesh 2023 Today(BD) Per Bag

People in the Bangladesh market are curious about Crown Cement Price in Bangladesh 2023 Today Per Bag because they have introduced new types. While the basic cement type starts at “BDT 510” and the packing size is 50 KG. Furthermore, the name of other cement types introduced by Crown is listed on this page, but officially they have not updated the price on the official webpage.

Ultimately, it is difficult to predict with certainty how the price of cement will change in the future. It is important for individuals and businesses to stay informed about market conditions and be prepared for potential price fluctuations.

Crown Cement Price Per Bag in Bangladesh 2023 Today

Only Crown companies offer different types of cement in the Bangladesh market at affordable prices. Moreover, many big construction companies sign contracts with them for cement when they start a new project.

Crown Cement Price in BDT 510 Taka

a very good cement

Crown Cement Price in BD 2023

This company has recently introduced some new types that are used for specific purposes, but people have inquired about their prices because they are not listed on its website. So, visit the nearest outlet store or authorize dealer shop for the latest price on all types of cement.

Type Price
Portland Cement (PC) 980 Taka
Portland Composite Cement (PCC) 600 to 500 Taka
Crown Izonill 500 to 450 Taka
Crown Blast Furnace Cement

Crown Cement Contact Number

The contact number of different departments that are working under this organization will provide more info about them.

Contact number 880 1730-709003

Beside this, other important number are given below for further detail.

Head of the Sales 222263631, 222261633,
Sales (District wise) 01730709032, 01730709038, 01730709039
Sales (Export) +8801730709021
Sales (Corporate) 01730709085, 01730709037
Crown Cement Location
  • Company update location on Google Map for customer facilitation. So, just open MAP enter the company name, and directions will start on your Mobile screen.

where is it

Crown Cement Factory Address
Address House Number 1 & 7, Road  number 95, Gulshan North Avenue Gulshan No 2, Dhaka
Crown Cement Dealer List

The company does not give info about the dealer list on its official webpage while in major cities of Bangladesh like Dhaka many Authorized dealers who register with them are working and selling Crown Company Cement.

Crown Cement Dealer City(Area) in Bangladesh Contact Number
Cement PLC 880 1730-709003
Crown Cement 880 1730-709062
Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) 880 1321-127379
Cement Factory Ltd 880 1730-709026
Jihad Traders N/A

All above information about the Crown Cement Price in Bangladesh 2023 Today(BD) Per Bag will be satisfied your requirements.In addition to demand factors, the price of cement can also be influenced by the cost of raw materials and energy, as well as transportation costs and taxes. The availability of substitutes, such as concrete, can also affect the price of cement.

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