Akij Cement Price in Bangladesh 2023 Per Bag

At this time, Akij Cement Price in Bangladesh 2023 is “৳ 495″  that is of per bag. They are working in the market for a long time, and its products are widely used in construction projects across the country. They are equally popular in commercial and local use. Another reason for the popularity of Akij Cement is the company’s strong distribution network. The company has a wide network of dealers and distributors, which makes it easy for customers to purchase its products.

Akij Cement Price in Bangladesh 2023

People who go to buy Akij cement for first time they unaware of the price of a 50 kg bag which is written on the table. As of 2023, the price of Akij Cement is expected to be around BDT 480 to 495 per bag (50 kg). This price may vary slightly depending on the location and the demand for cement in the area.

Akij Cement Price in BDT  495 Taka
  • Note: We have gathered prices listed through different sources and we can not say this is accurate may be a bit changed from the market price.

Some consumers ask about the price of AKIJ cement per bag because they want to buy one or two bags. As a result, the Akij Cement Price Per Bag in Bangladesh ranges from:

Per Bag price BDT 480 to 495

Akij Cement Contact Number

  • The company introduces the number for customer facilitation who want to place direct orders or generate more 08000016609 or 16609.
AKIJ Cement Dealership
  • Right, they have not issued the proper list of dealers according to city, but in major cities, they are handling through company outlets, while in small cities, they are distributing through some authorized dealers.
Akij Cement Dealer City(Area) in Bangladesh Contact Number
Ready Mix Concrete (Unit-01) 880 1711-555024
Ready Mix Concrete 01815-584780
Akij Cement Factory 880 1711-555011
Ceramics Limited 880 1755-621492
  • Then their is:

AKIJ Cement Factory Location

  • If you are using an Android mobile, then open the Google Map app and search for AKIJ Cement. Google Maps will give proper directions to the customers.


AKIJ Cement Head Office
  • The main or head office of AKIJ Cement is located in Dhaka as well the completed address is given below.
AKIJ Cement Address
Head Office House Number 198 Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat, Tejgaon, Dhaka 1208
Factory Office Kadam Rasul, Bandar, Narayangonj

Akij Cement’s commitment to producing high-quality products is one of the reasons for its popularity. The company uses the best technology and equipment to manufacture its cement, ensuring that it meets all the necessary standards and specifications.

People can now take the Akij Cement Price in Bangladesh 2023, which is the most recent; if the company changes the price per bag, we will update this page.

In conclusion, Akij Cement is a reliable and affordable choice for construction projects in Bangladesh. It is expected to remain a popular choice among builders and contractors in the country. So due to its high-quality products and strong distribution network, people tend to prefer this brand.

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