Scan Cement Price in Bangladesh 2023 Today

The current Scan Cement Price in Bangladesh 2023 is of today BDT “545 to 610”. It can vary depending on various factors such as the location, availability, and market demand. In Bangladesh, the construction industry is a vital part of the economy, and cement is an essential building material. Therefore, it is essential to keep track of the price of Scan Cement to ensure that construction projects can be completed efficiently and within budget.

However, people prefer these brands because they are less expensive than other brands while maintaining quality. Moreover, Scan Cement is available in two different packing: 40 kg and 50 kg.

Scan Cement Price in Bangladesh 2023 Today

Right Scan offers cement in two different types: white and gray. So, the price of both types of cement is different because grey cement starts from 545 to 610 while white cement is available for BDT 100, but the packing size will be updated soon.

Scan Cement Bag 50 KG Price BDT 545- 610
Scan Cement Bag 40 KG Price Update Soon

Note about Scan Cement Price in bd 2023: These are the approximate figures for Scan Cement Price in Bangladesh 2023 because prices fluctuate these days, increasing or decreasing. While, discount offered by stores also cause some decrease in it.

Scan Cement Price in Bangladesh 2023

Scan Cement Contact Number

Contact Number 880 2-8159423

Scan Cement Dealer List

  • In major cities of Bangladesh, Scan Cement dealers are working but people ask about it in small cities where they are managing through some shops. While the only dealer of this brand is:
Heidelbergcement Bangladesh And their number is 880 1711-144680
  • Further:
Scan Cement Mobile Number
  • The mobile number of Scan Cement is 880 2-8159423.

Scan Cement Factory Address

Address Plot Number SE(F) 9 and Road Number 142 (Sixth Floor) ; Gulshan Avenue (South), Dhaka
Scan Cement Factory Location
  • People who want to get Scan Cement Factory Location that is in map:

where it is

We will provide an overview of the current price of Scan Cement Price in Bangladesh 2023 and discuss some of the factors that can impact its price. Future if they change then it will also deliver to the buyer too.

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