Easily Avoidable Betting Myths

Not all that long ago, you really had to try to get a bet placed. But nowadays, online sportsbooks are more common than ever. You can sign up and begin placing your bets in just a few minutes at most major sportsbooks.

Whether you are new to the scene or consider yourself a seasoned pro, there are a few myths being perpetuated. Check out the most common myths and learn how they can possibly impact your betting experience.

Heavy Favorites are a Sure Thing

Perhaps the most common myth or misconception when it comes to sports betting is that the heavy favorite is a guarantee. Whether it be Virginia sports betting or anywhere else around the country, you need to remember that teams can win and lose at any time.

Sports betting pundits will claim that a particular game is a “lock” or a “sure thing.” While the odds are certainly more in favor of a top-ranked team defeating a bottom dweller, anything can happen on any given day. The world of college football is a great example, as there have been historic upsets happening just about every year. Don’t get burned by the “sure thing” claim.

Always Bet Against the Public

One of the more common sports betting strategies you will come across is fading the public. You will hear that the sharp bettors go against the public because the sportsbooks tend to be right far more often than the public is.

While that’s not necessarily a bad way to go, it isn’t a guaranteed win. Even the sharpest bettors are going to lose somewhere in the neighborhood of 30-40%. Like every other part of sports betting, you will need to pick and choose at the right times to win. Don’t just automatically pick against the public and expect to win each and every time.

An Injured Star Player Means an Automatic Loss

Strategy is a key part of placing bets. Everyone has one of their own and there isn’t one that will come anywhere close to guaranteeing a win. But there is one thing that leads to heartache more often than not and that is assuming that a team with an injured star player is as good as dead.

While watching the injury report is definitely smart, it doesn’t mean that you have an easy win. Injuries happen in professional sports all the time, but teams find ways to galvanize and beat the odds. For a sport like football, where there are so many moving pieces and parts, it is all too common for a backup to step in and help lead his team to victory.

You’ll Get it Back Eventually

Sports betting can be a lot of fun if you gamble responsibly. Sports betting sites allow players to set limits on things like deposits, losses, and more in order to keep it that way. But you need to have the right mentality going in as well. For instance, far too many bettors will suffer losses and think, “It’s okay, I’ll win it back eventually.”

That’s not how sports betting works. While you could certainly go on a hot streak and find yourself in a good position, things can easily go the other way. If you have been going through a particularly bad cold streak, it might be worth taking a step back this week. Little breaks here and there can be healthy, especially when it comes to keeping things casual and fun. With every single bet, be comfortable that you could lose that money. That just makes the wins feel even bigger.

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