Guide to Playing Fast 3 on Fun88 Lottery

Fun88 is one of the leading and popular lottery betting websites in Asia. The website offers a plethora of games, along with competitive odds and attractive payback rates. Among them, Fast 3 is one of the most beloved lottery games. In this article, we will guide you on how to play Fast 3 on Fun88 in detail.

What is Fast 3?

Fast 3 is a popular and highly favored online lottery game. In Fast 3, players select 3 numbers and place bets in various ways, such as head, tail, cover, pair of numbers, and many more. The objective is to accurately predict the 3 drawn numbers. Due to its short draw time and higher winning chances compared to traditional lotteries, Fast 3 often attracts players seeking a quick win.

Introduction to Fun88 Lottery Betting Website

Fun88 is a leading online betting site in Asia, established in 2008. It operates under the regulation of the Isle of Man Gaming Supervision Commission and the PAGCOR Entertainment and Gaming Bureau of the Philippines. In addition to sports betting and online casino games, Fun88 also offers online lottery games, including Fast 3.

On Fun88, the lottery betting platform is professionally designed, featuring a variety of games with competitive odds. Moreover, Fun88 is highly regarded for its service quality and strong security measures. Importantly, the website also offers various promotions and special deals for both new and old players.

Guide to Playing Fast 3 on Fun88 Lottery

To participate in Fast 3 on Fun88 Lottery, simply follow these steps:

  • Register for a Fun88 account

The first step to play Fast 3 on Fun88 is to have an account on the website. Registering for Fun88 is straightforward. Just visit the latest Fun88 link at Then, click on the “Register” button on the homepage and fill in the required information, including username, password, full name, phone number, and email. After completing this, you will receive an email to confirm your registration.

  • Deposit money into your account

After successful registration, you need to deposit funds to participate in Fast 3 on Fun88. The website supports various payment methods such as bank transfers, e-wallets, and online payments. Simply choose a suitable payment method and follow the instructions to complete the deposit.

  • Select the Fast 3 game

Once you have funds in your account, navigate to the lottery section in the menu => Select “Fun88 Lottery” and pick the Fast 3 game to participate.

This website offers multiple lottery sessions throughout the day at different intervals. Choose a session that fits your free time.

  • Place your bets

After selecting the lottery session and Fast 3 game, you can start betting. Just pick three numbers from 0 to 9 you wish to bet on and decide on the bet amount.

When the lottery results are announced, if the three numbers you selected match the last three numbers of the total value of all lottery tickets sold that day, you will receive a significant prize.


Fast 3 is an intriguing and engaging online lottery game. If you’re a lottery enthusiast looking for a reputable betting website to join, Fun88 is an excellent choice. We hope this guide has given you a clear understanding of how to play Fast 3 on Fun88 Lottery and that you can now easily participate in this game. Good luck and success!

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