Helicopter Price In Bangladesh 2023

Helicopters are versatile aircraft that are used for a variety of purposes, including transportation, rescue operations, and military operations. In Bangladesh, Helicopter Price In Bangladesh 2023 is approximately “45000000 “ Taka. One of the main factors that affect the price of a helicopter in Bangladesh is the type of helicopter. There are several different types of helicopters, including light helicopters, medium helicopters, and heavy helicopters. Light helicopters, such as the Robinson R44, are generally less expensive than medium or heavy helicopters.

Helicopter Price In Bangladesh 2023

The intended use of this aircraft is another factor that can affect its Helicopter Price In Bangladesh 2023. Helicopters used for commercial purposes, such as transportation or sightseeing tours, tend to be more expensive than those used for personal or recreational purposes.

Helicopter Price In Bangladesh 2023 45000000 Taka( Approximately )

Helicopter Price List In Bangladesh

The size of the helicopter is often related to its purpose of use, as larger helicopters are often used for transportation or rescue operations, while smaller helicopters are used for more specialized tasks, such as crop dusting or aerial photography.

  • Helicopter Model Price In Bangladesh
Helicopter Models in Bangladesh Price
Robinson R44 51839650 Taka (approximate)
R66 Turbine 45000000 Taka (approximate)
3.5 Channel Rc 57000000 Taka (approximate)
Bell 407 39000000 Taka (approximate)
Agusta 109 64400000 Taka (approximate)
Eurocopter Ec135 465000000 Taka (approximate)
Robinson R22 55600000 (approximate)

Robinson R44 Helicopter Price In Bangladesh

In general, a new Robinson R44 helicopter may cost around 51839650 Taka while a used model may cost somewhat less, depending on its age and condition.

Robinson R44 Price 51839650 Taka
R66 Turbine Helicopter Price In Bangladesh

These costs can add up quickly, especially for larger and more complex helicopters, making them a significant financial commitment.

R66 Turbine Price 45000000 Taka (approximate)
  • Bell 407 Helicopter Price In Bangladesh
Bell 407 Price 39000000 Taka (approximate)
  • Agusta 109 Helicopter Price In Bangladesh
Agusta 109 Price 64400000 Taka (approximate)
  • Eurocopter Ec135 Helicopter Price In Bangladesh   
Eurocopter Ec135 Price 465000000 Taka (approximate)
  • Robinson R22 Helicopter Price In Bangladesh
Robinson R22 Price 55600000 (approximate)

All info related to Helicopter Price In Bangladesh 2023 is given on this page. It is important to carefully consider the intended use and budget when purchasing a helicopter in Bangladesh to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

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