How to Earn Bilt Card Rewards Points

Have you gotten a Bilt Mastercard, and you’re wondering how to earn points? Do you want to know the different ways you can earn these points? If your answer is yes, then you are reading the right article.

In this post, we’ll reveal the different ways to accrue loyalty credit and what each method entails. With this Bilt Rewards Guide, you’ll know the best options to choose to earn loyalty credit. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Ways of Earning Rewards Points on Bilt Mastercard

The following are ways of earning this loyalty credit:

  • Paying rent 
  • Booking travel via the Bilt Travel portal
  • Swiping the card
  • Making a SoulCycle class reservation
  • Dining at a restaurant that is part of Bilt Dining 
  • Taking a Lyft ride
  • Referring others to get the Mastercard

We’ll discuss some of these methods in detail below. 

Paying Rent

This is the main method to earn loyalty points. All you need to do is to use the rewards you get from the card to pay for your rent. If you don’t carry the Master card but you’re a member, you can still get 250 points as the maximum credit available for your rent payment. However, your landlord must be part of the Bilt Alliance network. 

In the event that your landlord isn’t, which is quite common, you can still get points to pay your rent. However, you can only access the loyalty credit and pay with a Bilt Mastercard. The company will transfer the money or send a check to your landlord according to the option you selected in your member portal.

When you use the card, you one point for every dollar you spend on your rent provided you carry out a minimum of five transactions during a statement cycle. Throughout a calendar year, the maximum points you can get from rent expenditure is set at 100,000. In other words, you can’t spend more than this on your rent. 

Furthermore, a major advantage of using this card is that you don’t have any additional fees when it is utilized for rent payments. It is common for third-party payment processors to charge you convenience fees that might be up to 3%. You can read this article to learn all you need to know about these payment processors. You can avoid these fees by making your payment directly with the credit card thereby saving money in the process. 

You also get an additional incentive when you pay rent for properties that are a member of the Bilt Alliance network. There is a chance of getting as high as 50% bonus loyalty credits when you renew a lease or sign a new one. The precise bonus percentage you get is determined by your elite status, with silver getting 10% gold getting 25%, and platinum getting 50%.

Travel Bookings

When you book your travel using Bilt’s Expedia-powered travel portal, you get two times the normal loyalty credits for every dollar charged to your Mastercard. If you use a different credit card, you’ll earn 1X points for every dollar you spend. This is an additional loyalty credit separate from the one you already accrue for travel expenses when using a different credit card.

Swiping the card

If you want to enjoy the best of this Rewards program, you need to have the Bilt Mastercard. With a minimum of five transactions within a billing cycle on your Mastercard, you’ll get points at these rates:

• 1X points for rent payments processed via the Bilt App — with a yearly cap of 100,000 points.

• 2X loyalty credits for travel.

• 3X loyalty credits for dining.

• 1X loyalty credits for all other acquisitions, with no limit on the amount you earn.

For a credit card without an annual fee, this Mastercard is indeed a valuable asset. Although it doesn’t offer a welcome bonus, you’ll get the enjoy the continuous advantage of paying your rent without incurring convenience fees. This benefit outweighs the absence of a welcome bonus.

In addition, apart from the 1X for rent, all other loyalty credits are doubled during Bilt’s Rent Day promotions on the first of each month. It’s even possible to earn 4X on travel and 6X on dining once monthly. You can visit to learn some money-saving tricks when traveling. You don’t get much better offers than this.

Lyft Ride and SoulCycle Classes

When you link your Lyft account with your Bilt app, you earn 2X loyalty credits on the subsequent ride. When you pay for a Lyft ride using the Mastercard, you earn 3X loyalty credits. You also get the chance to get 10X loyalty credits for every dollar you spend when you purchase a SoulCycle ride using the app. 


There are several ways to earn points in the Bilt Rewards program, which is why it is very popular. In the article above, we’ve discussed some of these ways in detail to equip you with the information you need. Don’t forget that you need to hold the Bilt Mastercard to get the best out of this program.

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