How to Pick the Right Docking Station

Today’s laptop interface is becoming more and more precious, not only the number has become less, but also more unified, through the Type-C interface output, so that many external devices can not be connected, which will cause a lot of time very embarrassing scene. Because the interface is too little, so many people, especially office workers or students have to consider using the docking station to expand the interface, so as to meet the demand for the use of the interface. So how to choose a suitable docking station? This article will explain it in detail for you.

Docking Station

Three Aspects of Selecting a Docking Station

Connector Type

The type of connector is very important, so you first need to be clear about what type of interface your electronic device has, so that you will not lose money by picking the wrong one, and also save the time of picking to a certain extent. Currently, there are two main types of connectors, USB-A and Type-C, so as long as the connectors match, then you can put it to use.

Appearance and Material

The exterior materials of the docking station are mainly divided into aluminum alloy, engineering plastic, zinc alloy and so on. Different materials have different characteristics, you can choose according to your needs and preferences. Aluminum alloy features mainly fast heat dissipation and good texture, even if you use it for a longer period, the temperature will not be very high. This is perfect for people who have to work or study for a long time because this is not worried about any adverse effects on electronic devices or docking stations during long hours. Engineering plastics are characteristically a bit more affordable than alloys and tend to be used for basic office transmission use. So if you don’t need the docking station that much and are looking for a low price you can consider this material. The zinc alloy feature is that the shell hardness is a bit higher than aluminum alloy, and naturally the heat dissipation is faster, thus it is more stable for a long time.

Product Types

The product types of docking stations are mainly divided into portable and desktop. If you often need to go out to carry it, then choosing a portable docking station will be better, so that even if frequent traveling can be used at any time, and you will not feel trouble. If long-term are fixed office, then you just choose a desktop docking station can be, after all, a desktop docking station tends to be larger and more convenient than portable, and heat dissipation will be more advantageous. On top of that, just like the dell docking station, it has full connectivity, meaning that this docking station has a total of 12 ports and you can display media on up to 4 screens. You can also transfer files at speeds of up to 10 Gbps while charging your laptop and other devices, as well as connecting to the internet, which somehow greatly improves your productivity at work or school. And it’s also got great multi-device charging capabilities, charging your laptop at up to 100W and keeping your phone and tablet powered up with up to 30W of USB-C charging, which is very useful.


As one of the very popular products, the docking station has gone mainstream with its excellent functionality and comprehensiveness and has become a standard feature for almost all laptops. This is because it can indeed provide you with convenience in many ways, bringing convenience to your work and study and even entertainment. You can pick the right docking station for yourself according to the above methods so that your life is also full of technology and be influenced and upgraded by it.

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