Interesting facts you need to know about resume

A resume serves as a formal document that a job seeker needs to create to list qualifications for specific employment. There is a need for crafting a resume accompanied by a personalized cover letter letting the candidate present interest in a particular job or organization and highlighting the most important details on the resume. Professionals offering resume writing services in India have listed certain facts that are worth taking into consideration:

Facts about resume writing that you need to note 

  • Recruiters, as well as hiring managers, spend 5 to 7 seconds on average going over resumes.
  • 76% of the resumes are rejected as there is an unprofessional email address.
  • 88% of the resumes get rejected due to the lack of a proper picture on the resume
  • 79 % of job seekers use social media in their job hunt. Among them, 86 % of younger job searchers also suggested that they are likely to use it.
  • Average estimates indicate that 250 resumes are sent for each corporate job opening. Among these, only 4 of those are called up for an interview, and then one gets selected.
  • About 90 % of resumes are sent digitally via mail.
  • A typo on your resume takes your dream job away. So, it’s necessary to take the proper time and pay attention to crafting the resume appropriately, as Recruiters discard a resume if it has mistakes. In this way, 61% of them get rejected due to a multitude of reasons.
  • Hiring managers discard resumes that have spelling problems. Around 43% of hiring supervisors discard resumes littered with spelling mistakes.
  • Resumes and job applications with inaccuracies are around 53%.
  • 70% of college students surveyed stated that they find it beneficial to put false information on a resume to land a job.
  • Recruiters, as well as hiring managers, often choose to use LinkedIn to screen applicants in 87 percent of cases.
  • Usually, it has been seen that Employers prefer applicants with job experience 91 percent of the time. Also, 65 percent of the time, they prefer candidates that present on their resumes that they have relevant work experience.
  • 45 percent of the total workforce are Millennials now, and this is the reason that they have become the well-represented generation.
  • Salary mismatch turns out to be one of the vital reasons why 50% of job opportunities are not filled.
  • The essential point to be noted is that Professional career advancement and development chances turn out to be highly crucial to 87 percent of Millennials in a job.
  • 80% of Millennials search for the people who fit their company’s culture, alongside prioritizing career opportunities.
  • 50% of the employees consider that the company’s image is important to them. Also, they stated that they would choose it over higher pay.

Resume Formatting Statistics that are worth considering 

It’s worth noting that recruiters and hiring managers don’t spend much time going through every resume, and this is one of the reasons why it is crucial to build a simple, customized, and easy-to-read resume. For better job prospects, note that a single-page resume would be a cutoff point, but as a seasoned worker, consider crafting a two-page resume.

  • Place the personal information section in a resume, which is placed in 99.85% of resumes.

Professionals offering Linkedin profile writing services in India suggest Resume statistics demonstrate that the skills section is present only in 89.81% of resumes analyzed. Job seekers add other areas as well, including languages, certificates, additional activities as well as interests. The ideal length of the critical skills section within the resume should be 15–20 words.

  • The average resume length goes around 489 words.

The measure turns out to be a standard deviation of 310 words. In this regard, also note that the median resume length is 369 words. It’s worth noting that a typical resume crafted for any job should have a maximum of 380 words. Also, the additional records indicate that the average job seeker prefers keeping the resume one page long. But also don’t forget that recruiters nowadays prefer two-page resumes— the measure is 2.9 times more likely to choose a candidate forwarding a two-page resume for managerial positions.

  • The average time recruitment spent reading a resume is 6–7 seconds.

Recruiters go ahead with reading a resume and vary from company to company. In this regard, it’s worth considering that companies thoroughly scan a resume while others skim it for a few seconds. In addition, the number of job applicants affects this assessment. With a few applicants, the company thoroughly reviews each one of them. But in the case there are plenty of resumes submitted, the employer decides to use an automatic resume scanning system for resume analysis. 

Final say 

The pool of handpicked professionals offering Resume writing services in India, specializing in diverse fields of resume writing. A team of resume writers and client-service staff help you achieve the objective of crafting the precise resume for a competitive advantage. So hire professionals with expertise in numerous industries and functional areas.

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