Labaid Test Price List 2023, Report Online

The lengthy Labaid test price list 2023 has everything in it and their report online system is also handy. This is a superior lab of Bangladesh, providing trustworthy resources to patients. Their rates of diagnostic tests fluctuate due to the several factors, such as the type of test, the equipment used. Online reporting facility makes it easier for patients to track their tests. After this, its not must  to visit the lab to collect the report and this is also valid for check up too.

Labaid Test Price List 2023

Their is a long journey of almost three decades in the sucess of Labaid. Through out this whole time span, they equipped themselves with the latest technology, and their experienced team also ensures accurate and timely reporting.

General Health Checkup 5500 Taka
  • Many of major tests are part of this check up.
Standard Health Screening Price 7500 Taka
  • Then their is:
Premier Health Screening Price 10500 Taka

The price of this is looking so expensive but you can get the multiple facility of tests..

Apart from these combined pacakge, one will also request for any single test too. So, you can verify the detail about the test include in the package by visiting the Labaid website.

Test Package Price
Senior Executive Health Screening (SEH 14500 Taka
Master Gastro Liver Screening (MGL) 10000 Taka
Liver Screening (Male/ Female): Adults 5300 Taka
Master Renal Screening (MRS) 8900 Taka
Renal Screening (Male/ Female): Adults 8000 Taka
Diabetic Health Screening (DHS) 9000 Taka
Diabetic Screening (Male/ Female 9700 Taka
Obesity Reducing Package (ORP) 7500 Taka
Women Wellness Screening (WWS) 14000 Taka
Pre-Marital Health Screening, MALE(PMM) 7200 Taka
Pre-Marital Health Screening, FEMALE(PMF) 7200 Taka
Smokers Screening (Male/ Female): Adults 8000 Taka
Smokers Health Screening (SHS) 6400 Taka
Travelers Health Screening (THS) 6900 Taka
Cardiac Screening (Male/ Female 4400 Taka
Comprehensive Cardiac Checkup (CCC) 9000 Taka
Post Valve Follow Up Checkup (PVFC) 6550 Taka
Post Valve Follow Up Checkup (PVFC 8850 Taka
Gynecological Screening (Female 8200 Taka
Cervical Cancer (Female): 30- 65 Years 6000 Taka
Colorectal Cancer (Male/ Female 5600 Taka

Move on to the topic is:

Labaid Test Report Online:

This lab offers online reporting services to make it convenient for patients to access their test reports from anywhere, anytime. You can access your Labaid test reports by following these simple steps:

  • Visit the Labaid Diagnostic Center official website
  • Click on the “Online Report” option.
  • Enter your ID number and password, which you will receive after your test is conducted.
  • You will then be able to view and download your test reports.

An latest one is

How to Book a Test at Labaid Diagnostic Center?

Booking a test at Labaid Diagnostic Center is easy. You can book your test by given method:

  • Visit the official website (
  • Click on the “Appointment” option.
  • Select the type of test you want to book.
  • Choose your preferred diagnostic center and date.
  • Fill in your personal and medical details.
  • Click on the “Submit” button.
Why Choose Labaid Diagnostic Center?

There are several reasons why you should choose Labaid Diagnostic Center for your test needs:

  • Due to the experienced medical team who provide authentic results.
  • This center offers a wide range of tests, ensuring comprehensive and accurate diagnoses.
  • An best type of Online assitance.

Other is:

Note: One will pick anyone from them.

Labaid Contacet Number

Contacet Number +88 0241060908-18, +88 02 58610793-8
  • Labaid Address in Bangladesh
House Number: 06, Road Number: 04, Dhanmondi situated in Dhaka

Its a request of common person that kindly reduce the charges in Labaid test price list 2023 that an poor or middle class can afford.  Their appreciated work is like report online mechanism who is also for primary test. It’s super up because sometime we have no enough time to pick up the reports from the center. So its depends on your choice to choose this lab or someone else that are on your near approach.

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