Bizli Cable Price List 2023 in Bangladesh

The range of Bizli meet the needs of almost every home usage and industries as well. In Bangladesh, Bizli Cable price list 2023 is explained well. Use of these cables are not limited to a specific sector. It is used in households, offices, and industries, among other places. After struggle of many years in this business, they successfully gained a reputation for delivering excellent cables. Whether you are an electrical contractor, a homeowner, or a business owner, these rates lists will assist you a lot.

Bizli Cable Price List 2023

When it comes to purchasing cables, cost is always an important factor to consider. Here is a comprehensive Bizli Cable Price List 2023 in Bangladesh is waiting for you. Bizli Cable is widely used in Bangladesh for various purposes such as the copper wires used for conducting electricity without any interruptions.

Bizli House Wiring Cable Price in Bangladesh 2023:

These are preferably used for electrical wiring in homes or in any of buildings. Because of highest usage, they are more in types and also more focused on company.

Capacity Per Coil Price in Bangladesh (Approx. in BYA Category)
1.0 rm 2,300 BDT
1.3 rm 2,900 BDT (This is 3/22)
1.5 rm 3,280 BDT (It’s 3/20)
2.0 rm 4,410 BDT (Also 3/20)
2.5 rm 5,240 BDT
3.0 rm 6,400 BDT (For 7/22)
4.0 rm 8,200 BDT
4.5 rm 9,360 BDT (Of, 7/20)
6 rm 12,100 BDT (Extra BYA FR)
7 rm 14,310 BDT (This is 7/18)
10 rm 20,000 BDT
14.5 rm 29,400 BDT (7/16)
16 rm 32,000 BDT

Then is:

Bizli Communication Cable Price List 2023 in Bangladesh:

These cables are used for transmitting data, voice, and video signals. They are are separating on bases of pairs and their rates are also set on on it.

Type Price in Bangladesh (Approx. per Coil) and 0.6 mm
1 Pair 2,260 BDT
2 Pair 3,680 BDT
3 Pair 5,450 BDT
4 Pair 7,800 BDT
5 Pair 9,200 BDT
6 Pair 11,100 BDT
7 Pair 12,580 BDT
8 Pair 14,050 BDT
15 Pair 25,000 BDT
20 Pair 33,100 BDT

One more is:

Both of cable brands are very fine to use. After this, we have:

Bizli LT Cables

Uses of these cables are mostly specified for low tension applications, such as power distribution in homes and buildings. Bizli Cables produce LT cables with aluminum and copper conductors in which includes.

  • PVC Insulated LT Cables
  • XLPE Insulated LT Cables
Bizli LT Cables Price 60.65 to 23045 Taka
  • Medium Voltage Cable

When someone is in need of medium voltage cable then Bizli comes with best quality medium voltage cables with copper and aluminum conductors. In these types of cables includes

  • XLPE Insulated Medium Voltage Cables
  • PILC Cables
Medium Voltage Cable Price 1795 to 19145 Taka
  • Overhead Conductor

They are normally consider right for power transmission and distribution in overhead lines. Bizli Cables produce a range of overhead conductors, including

  • Bare conductors
  • Covered conductors
  • Bundled conductors
Overhead Conductor Price 28 to 122 Taka

good cables by them

  • Bizli Winding Wire

Commonly they are for the electrical winding in motors, transformers, and generators. Bizli Cables comes with a range of winding wires, including

  • Copper winding wire
  • Aluminum winding wire

Complete price list of this and all types:

Why People Use Bizli Cable in Bangladesh?

After observing the facts that why user like Bizli cable in Bangladesh then some reasons comes in front of us which make them reliable too. The reasons which is caused by the purchasing of Bizli cable are..

  1. Superior Quality Products
  2. Ease in Availability
  3. Great Reputation
  4. Energy Efficiency
  5. Longevity
  6. Reduced Maintenance Costs
Bizli Cable Contact Number In Bangladesh:

In case of any of confusion, this is the easy source to get price or something else.

Contact Number 0800-7777777 And try to call in working hours
  • Address:
PRAN Center that is in “105 Pragati Swarani”, Dhaka

Its appreciate able that Bizli Cable price list 2023 has tried to be stable in Bangladesh. Whether you need house wires, Lt cables, conductors or communication cables, Bizli has a product that will suit you. Their experience also helped in this improvement too.

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