RAK Tiles Price List 2023 Bangladesh

For the renovation or of new home or office in Bangladesh, RAK Tiles are always in the customer priority. The new RAK Tiles price list 2023 Bangladesh is a little bit changed. From benefits to types and pricing are the things that every buyer though about them. Those who has idea that how to select the right RAK tiles for the project then it make their property more elegant. This brand tiles are always familiar for being strong, stable, with attractive designs. Even now, they are in various shapes and colors that make them the best option for floors, walls, and other uses.

RAK Tiles Price List 2023 Bangladesh

The price of RAK tiles goes up and down according to the color, pattern and design. An overview of the RAK tiles price list for 2023 in Bangladesh will give idea about rates. Even, now they liked by the different industrialist for their big projects.

Type Approx. Price (Per Square Feet)
9GPBG Category Basic Grey and Black Shade 87 Taka
85 LGR-EL Printed Type 283GRI Or GPBG 79DG 49.5 Taka
9GPBG Roma Category 86 Taka
9GPBG Lotus Category 94 Taka
212 BL and 301RDBE Type 41 Taka
6GPBG Category 107 to 114 Taka
261 BR, 230 P, 310 IV, 595 BR, 570 BE 40 Taka
Coins LBR 56 Taka
Bond Stone 78 Taka

Types of RAK Tiles In Bangladesh:

Main are the two types of RAk tiles that are natural and polished. Maximum of the purchasers are confused about their differentiation that they decide that which one is best fit for their needs.

  • Natural
  • Polished

What are Natural Rak Tiles?

These are fundamentally made from raw or can say unprocessed stone. They are cut and shaped to size without undergoing any chemical or mechanical treatment.

  • Purpose of them is to retain their natural texture, color, and markings, giving them a rustic and earthy feel.

What are Polished Rak Tiles?

Apparently they are more shiny and also in many of colors and finishes, making them ideal for modern interiors. Although, these are even made with natural stone tiles with a polishing machine. And this process smoothens the surface which game them a glossy appearance.

RAK Tiles Price in Bangladesh 2023:

Buying the right tiles for your home can be more perfect and even they are different for outer, inner or kitchen as well. Most of time, builder mix them but tried to separate for every use.

Type Approx. Price (Per Square Feet)
Elegant Grand Category 126 to 132 Taka
Gravel Stone 78 Taka
 Strip BE 66 Taka
Bevel Stone 76 Taka
1034 Pink or 1015 BE 54 Taka
Coble Stone 77 Taka
GP 173 HDT 62 Taka
263 G, 277 RBE 41 Taka
Ornate Category 64 Taka

Major things to remember:

Purchase the right RAK tiles for the  appropriate area of application. Like, for the tiling a bathroom or even for kitchen, you will need tiles that are

  • Water resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • Easy to clean

At same time, if you are tiling a living room or bedroom, you can shift to the tiles that are more decorative and less functional.

  • Choose the Right Size

This brand also deal different sizes because it has a significant impact on the overall look and feel of the space. Large can suit more on rooms, while small can create a more complicated pattern.

good for their price

RAK Tiles Dealers in Bangladesh:
RAK Tiles Dealers Contact Numbers
Rak Ceramics Ltd Chittagong 01730356481
Rak Ceramics Ltd Dhaka 01713143220
Abedin Traders 01711525818
Rak Ceramics Ltd Dhaka 01764811145
A B Trading 01712115414
Ahsan Traders 01959988460
Alam Corporation 01726058831
Al-mehadi Sanitary Mart 01716126973
Amena Trading 1741747339
Amin & Brothers 01713917016
A.rahman Sanitary 041-721038
Azad Sanitary 01970003316
Bangladesh Ceramics 01711375577
Brahmanbaria Traders 01712938666

Whole characteristics of RAK tiles is attracting the homeowners, architects, and interior designers in Bangladesh. And, RAK Tiles price list 2023 has also indicate their worth too. With this, plz also consult with a local dealer for accurate pricing information and their local point of view too.

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