Top Questions People Ask About Luvme Hair Ready to Go Wigs

Aside from offering a time-saving solution, ready-to-go wigs are a convenient option for those who want to transform their look . It is pre-styled and ready to wear; it has gained wide acceptance among people with little to spare. 

Yet, people ask different questions like any other beauty product to understand it better. People want to clear certain uncertainties about beauty products before investing their money; the same applies to ready-to-go wigs. This article will answer the top questions people ask about ready-to-go wigs to help them understand the wig better.

Table of Content

  • How Are Ready to Go Wigs Different from Custom Wigs?
  • Can I Restyle a Ready to Go Wig?
  • Are Ready to Go Wigs Comfortable to Wear?
  • Where Can I Buy High-Quality, Ready to Go Wigs?
  • Conclusion

How Are Ready to Go Wigs Different from Custom Wigs?

Custom Wigs

  • Personalization: For a custom wig, you can choose hair color, length, density, cap construction, and parting direction. You get to customize according to your style preference.
  • Measurement: These wigs are made according to your head size, so the measurement of your head is taken to ensure it is a perfect fit. This explains why people with specific head shapes or sizes prefer this wig.
  • Time and Process: It takes a lot of time to construct a custom wig since there has to be a consultation to understand your measurement, fitting, wig construction, and other adjustments that might be needed. On average, it takes a few weeks before this wig can be ready for use.
  • Cost: Compared to ready-to-go wigs, custom wigs are more expensive due to the time and the process needed to create them.
  • Versatility: Since custom wigs can be personalized, they are versatile. You can tailor them to achieve a desired hairstyle or according to your natural hair.

Ready to Go Wigs

  • Convenience: Ready-to-go are a definition of ultimate convenience as they need little or no styling before you can wear them. They are a good wig option for individuals with busy schedules.
  • Styles and Options: Even though they are pre-made wigs, they are still available in different colors, lengths, and colors. You only get to make minor adjustments if needed.
  • Cost: In comparison to custom wigs, ready to go wigs are more affordable. So, it is a budget-friendly option if you want to change your hairstyle without much commitment.
  • Fit: While they are not designed according to your head shape and size, ready-to-go wigs come with adjustable straps and elastic bands to suit your size.

Can I Restyle Ready to Go Wigs?

Yes, you can make minor styling adjustments on ready to go wigs. However, this depends on the material your wig is made of. If your wig is made from human hair, you can treat it like your hair. Therefore, you can style as you desire. For heat styling, it is recommended that you apply heat protectant spray to minimize damage from heat.

Omit, if your wig is made from synthetic fibers, your styling option might be limited. Most importantly, stay away from heat styling so you don’t damage the synthetic fibers.

How Can I make my Ready to go Wigs Look natural?

As mentioned, ready to go wigs come pre-styled and can be worn directly. However, you can still make them look more natural. Start by buying a fitted wig; it must sit comfortably on your head. If your wig is loose, it tends to move around, which will look unnatural. And you don’t want to choose a too-tight wig to avoid discomfort.

Next, you can blend the hairline with your natural hair. If you don’t want to be bothered with this, you can use wig accessories like a headband to cover the hairline. 

Lastly, ensure the style of your wig matches your natural hair. If your natural hair is straight, choose a straight-hair wig. Also, opt for a curly wig if you have natural curly hair.

Are Ready to Go Wigs Comfortable to Wear?

The goal of ready to go wigs is to offer a convenient and comfortable wearing experience. However, whether you will be comfortable or not depends on several factors. Some of which are discussed below:

Wig Quality

The higher the quality of your wig, the more comfortable it becomes. So you feel less comfortable with a lower-quality wig. High-quality wigs are made from luxurious materials like human hair or synthetic fibers. The type of attention and care committed to making these wigs make them more comfortable.

Fit of the wig

How fitted your wig is also determines the comfort. A wig that’s too tight will be uncomfortable and can cause headaches. Also, a wig that’s too loose will move around unnecessarily and become uncomfortable. Thus, you must choose a wig that is tailored to your size.

Head Shape and Hair Type

The shape of your head and hair type will also determine the comfort of a wig. Individuals with larger heads and broader faces tend to find wigs more comfortable than individuals with narrower faces or smaller heads. Also, wigs are more comfortable for individuals with thick hair than those with thin hair.

Where Can I Buy High-Quality Ready to Go Wigs?

Ready to go wigs are always available, and you can buy them from online retailers, beauty stores, and wig shops. Legit company Luvme Hair is your best option for convenience and to buy from reputable sources. The wig brand offers high-quality ready to go wigs at amazing prices. Besides, they are reliable and reputable, so you are in good hands.


Ready to go wigs are pre-styled wigs that offer users a comfortable wearing experience without much time. It is a type of wig you should get if you are a beginner or don’t have enough time to style wigs. This article answered a few questions people ask about the wig, so it will help you understand the wig better.

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