Toyota Land Cruiser Price in Bangladesh 2023

With a new facelift and remarkable specs, rumors are that Toyota Land Cruiser is start importing in Bangladesh and its price is approximately “2.5 Crore BDT“. Officially this vehicle does not launch in Bangladesh but interested buyers can import it from other countries.  Although its fuel average is only 7 to 8 KM but still people have no issue with it. Latest model of Toyota Land Cruiser transmission is automatic while 7 people can easily sit. Moreover, the top speed of this vehicle is 180-240 KM/H. If you are going buy then remember some things which are high maintenance cost, high tax and duties and highly expensive.

Toyota Land Cruiser Price in Bangladesh 2023

A new model of Toyota Land Cruiser comes on the market and its total cost is 25 Million BDT. Further, overall outer body shape changes.

Toyota Land Cruise Price in BDT 25 Million BDT

Some Other Major Features:

Toyota Land Cruiser Price in Bangladesh 2023 Variant | Standard
Body Type | SUV
Fuel Tank: 110L




8 to 10 KM



Fuel Type


Toyota Land Cruise Fuel Average

Everyone clearly knows the big engine installed in Toyota Land Cruise. So, before buying people ask about Toyota Land Cruiser Fuel Average which is 8 to 10 KM.

What is the Fuel Mileage of Land Cruiser? 8 to 10 KM

Toyota Land Cruise Fuel Tank Capacity

In the latest model, 110 Liter fuel tank is inserted in Toyota Land Cruiser. Basically, people who travel long distances fill a complete tank.

Fuel Tank Capacity 110 Liter

Interior of Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser

Land Cruiser How Much Cc

Cruiser is the biggest luxury vehicle as well 3444 Cc engine installed but this is not a hybrid engine.

Engine Cc 3444 Cc
Toyota Land Cruiser Specifications

Major Specifications of Land Cruise 2023 discuss because it is necessary to know for every person who wants to buy.

Torque 650 Nm Horse Power 409 hp
Tyre Size 265/55/R20 Boot Space 621 – 1131 L
Kerb Weight 3230 KG Top Speed 180 – 240 KM/H
Ground Clearance 240 – 312 mm Body Type SUV

The latest generation Toyota Land Cruiser Price in Bangladesh 2023 has already been discussed. This vehicle falls into the top luxury category and definitely latest mode, specs, features its price much high. But people who like in Bangladesh now they are buying.

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