Why hire a real estate agency in sitges

Advantages of hiring a real estate agency

Having a real estate agency to carry out the sale of your property is an option full of advantages compared to a private sale. If you are interested in selling in a fast and agile way, put yourself in the hands of the agency that best suits your needs. These are some of the most outstanding advantages:

Save time: when you hire the services of an agency, you can save time with the management of the property. Forget about being aware of the sale of the property and finding ways to advertise it. Real estate agencies offer you a series of tools that will help you sell the asset in less time and, therefore, you will not waste your time.

Get advice on the value of the property: this can be a complex task. Get advice on the selling price of the property by knowing its market value. The final price depends on the speed with which the property can be sold and, in addition, it will influence the profitability that can be obtained in the purchase of this one.

It solves conflicts: one of the most typical cases is to want to sell a property because of an inherited anchor divorce. Real estate agencies are experts in managing these cases and can be your salvation, acting as intermediaries in these complex occasions.

Broadens the possibilities of sale: real estate agencies have a greater number of contacts. From repeat buyers to investors who are interested in the property.

Broaden your buying options by relying on an agency.

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Types of contracts

As a general rule, real estate agencies offer several types of contracts to their users when selling a property:

Contract with exclusivity: this contract allows the real estate agency to obtain the exclusivity of the property and become, for a period of time, the managers of the asset in order to close the sale successfully. In this case, the agencies usually obtain a percentage in commission according to the sale price of the property, known as fees. Depending on the type of agency, the commission will be paid by the seller or the buyer.

Non-exclusive contract: the difference of this contract is that it allows the management of the property to be shared with other agencies. Therefore, the agency you contact not the only one in charge of selling the property. In most cases, when you sign a non-exclusive contract, you are in charge of paying the agency fees.

Envyrealty: more than a real estate agency

At Envyrealtywegoonestepfurther. We are not only an online real estate agency, since, thanks to our study of changes of use, we can give the assets a much faster exit to the market.

Being experts in commercial premises and with experience in the sector, in Envyrealtywehaverealized the importance and added value of the study of change of use for these properties. Moreover, the options are endless!

We carry out a study of the different changes of use that your premises, office or industrial building can have, to squeeze its potential and sell at the best price.

100% digital processes: you can manage the sale of your property from home, without having to move anywhere, since all our processes are 100% digital. 

Valuation in seconds, free and without obligation: thanks to our tools and Big Data we can value your property in the shortest time and offer you a complete valuation for free.

Study of changes of use: know the different uses that your commercial property can acquire and revalue the sale.

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