Big Banker slot: RTP, Review and Where to play?

This game is actually based on a scratch card game, but we have to say that we prefer the playable version of Since this is a game about money, it’s only natural that high rollers are given special attention here with a special feature. The main attraction is still the nerve wrecking bonus round, where you have 10 seconds to accept or reject your winnings.But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and start with the basics. The game unfolds on 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 ways to win and you can bet between £10 and £50 per spin across all platforms and devices. The RTP of 94% (as far as we can tell) is 2% below the industry average, giving you a 6% advantage.The high roller feature comes with a variety of options, but you essentially get a wild stack on the middle reel and extra scatters to help you trigger the bonus round. This is where you can test your nerves, as you need to give up smaller wins to get a chance to win big wins. With a ticking clock urging you on, it’s a fun twist where you’ll see if greed or fear of missing out wins out in the end.

What Symbols are There?

The safe, which looks like it’s made of gold, is the highest paying symbol, followed by a large diamond. Symbols come in pairs of 2 when it comes to payouts, and the regular royal symbols with lower value are regularly missed here. You’ll need to get between 3 and 5 matching symbols to win, and here we present the payout table for the Big Banker slot:

  • Safe – pays 50x 5 on a line
  • Diamond – pays 20x on 5 per line
  • Cash Stack – pays 15x for 5 on a payline
  • Gold Watch – pays 15x for 5 on a payline
  • Champagne Bottle – pays 10x for 5 on a line
  • Silver Coin – pays 10x for 5 on a line

What Bonuses are There?

You can activate the high roller feature in this game, and this gives you 5 spins for £20 where you get extra bonuses. You will now be able to land Epic Wilds on the 3rd reel and they are 5 symbols high. If you pay £30 for 5 spins, you will also get an extra scatter symbol of the game’s logo. You can also pay £50 for 5 spins, and this gives you even more scatters and jokers which again will help you form winning combinations and trigger the bonus round.The amounts above can vary from casino to casino, and there is also a gambling option that you can choose for any win here. This feature acts as a wheel of fortune and if you end up on the green part, you will increase your winnings. You can also lose it all here, so it is better to proceed with caution.

Free Spins in Big Banker

You trigger the game’s free spins bonus round by landing 3 logo scatter symbols anywhere on a single spin. Instead of a preset set of free spins, you will now see multiple win amounts on each side of the reels. The winning amount will be highlighted and you only have 10 seconds here, so you need to quickly decide whether you want to cash out or reject it. Naturally, you want to aim for the big wins, but time is running out quickly so it can be quite nerve-wracking. Landing new scatters will give you extra time, but if you don’t have enough time, you’ll lose your winnings. You have to give up smaller wins to be able to get the big ones, so it’s really a primary test of greed versus fear of missing out.

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