Fantasy Kingdom Ticket Price 2023 Offer, Family Package and for Student

Fantasy Kingdom is an entertainment point where people and children can celebrate a picnic, a party, or some other function. Fantasy Kingdom ticket price 2023 offer, family package and discount for student is also very beneficial. In addition, this was built in 2002, and until now it has provided best outing facility to those who entertainment to the people while located in Bangladesh. Those interested in visiting Fantasy Park are now looking for the ticket price, online ticket booking method, roller coaster ticket price, and ride names. The majority of people are unaware of which days the park is open and which are closed.

So for the guidance of the people, all information related to the Fantasy Kingdom ticket price list 2023 is here as well. They change ticket prices according to occasion, while if they change or announce a package, we will share that information with the audience.

Fantasy Kingdom Ticket Price 2023

Along with different ticket prices that is entry fee, they have family package whose price are not the same. Moreover, the Fantasy Kingdom ticket price 2023 is must to buy. So before visiting, one must review the ticket price and then buy the best plan.

Fantasy Kingdom Ticket Price for Elders 500 Taka
Fantasy Kingdom Ticket Price for Children Same, and free for those whose age are below 3 Year

Fantasy Kingdom Ticket Price 2023 Offer

The administration is giving the Fantasy Kingdom student offer 2023 and few other. The price of this offer is 7,000 taka and up to 10 students can visit. Moreover, outside food is not allowed in this park. Additionally, students can book this ticket online or at the counter.

On the other hand, they have imposed some terms and conditions that the students must follow, and if the students do not comply, management will leave the park.

Fantasy Kingdom Students Offer 2023 7000 Taka

Fantasy Kingdom Family Package Price 2023:

Recently, management of Fantasy Kingdom Park has presented a family package under “4,900 Taka” but they have issued some terms and conditions. Moreover, family members can enjoy all the things except few.

Further, the package detail and which facilities it will include, how many people can enjoy a family ticket, and other facts of Fantasy Kingdom Family Package Price are written below.

Family Member Allowed 4 Person
Family Ticket Price 4,900 Taka
Which product is not allowed in Family Package? Giant splash, Bumper Boat, 3D, Rock and Roll, Santa Maria
Fantasy Kingdom Student Package 2023:
Students package 7,000 Taka (10 Students)
  • Other Fantasy Kingdom Ticket Price List 2023:

As per need and requirements of the visitors, many of things are adding on in this advance park. So, their package or ticket is also decide accordingly. Every of pack is different and has some uniqueness.

Combo Package 1,700 and 1,800 Taka
Corporate Package 8,000 Taka
Family Membership Card 10,000 Taka
Fantasy Kingdom Entry Only 500 Taka
Fantasy Kingdom Entry Ticket + Ten Rides 950 Taka
Fantasy Kingdom Family Package 4,900 Taka
Fantasy Kingdom VIP Ticket 2,000 Taka
Go Kart Challenge 1.0 1500 (Old)
Lia Gold Card 7,000
Privilege Card 3,000
Resort Atlantis Membership Card 25,000
Student Package 7,000
Water Kingdom Entry with Unlimited Rides 850 (Old)
Water Kingdom Family Package 4000 (Old)
Xtreme Racing Privilege Card 10,000 Taka
  • Note:

The terms and conditions of all packages are strictly implementing for the customers’ convenience. Before purchasing, read about how many people the launch will allow, what rides it will provide, and which rides are covered in it.

  • Fantasy Kingdom Discount Offer 2023:

At few occasions, they attract more tourist with the numerous discount offers. Moreover, it’s expected that the Fantasy Kingdom discount offer 2023 will be in pipeline and open soon.

But those packages introduced by this company are listed above, and you can choose according to your budget.

Discount Offer Detail Not at the moment
  • Fantasy Kingdom Roller Coaster Ticket Price:

The roller coaster ticket is included in the above bundles, but if you want to check the price of the roller coaster ticket separately.

  • So, go to the Fantasy Kingdom park reception, where all the information will be available.

The park’s administration has not yet posted the roller coaster ticket price online; if they do, we will update this post.

Fantasy Kingdom Park

  • Fantasy Kingdom Online Ticket

They have now adding up an online ticket booking for the convenience of their customers. So those people who were seeking the Fantasy Kingdom Online ticket now book it,

  • You can just browse the official page of this park where you can gave  them the required information and send payment online.

Moreover, you will just provide the main entrance and then enjoy.

  • Fantasy Kingdom All Rides Name
Bumper Car Zuzu Train
Whirly Bird Highway Convoy
Giant Splash Happy Kangaroo
Izzy Dizzy Sun & Moon
3D Cinema Bull Dozer
Santa Maria Kid’s Bumper Car
Magic Carpet Pony Adventure
Roller Coaster Speed Way
Vortex Tunnel Sky Hopper
Bumper Boat Zip Around
Igloo House Moving Tower
Ferris Wheel Junior Ferris Wheel
Redemption Game Rock and Roll
  • Fantasy Kingdom Park Location

Fantasy Kingdom Park is located in Dhaka, which is the capital city of Bangladesh. Moreover, those people who do not know the complete address of this park can gather it from below the table and do so.

Fantasy Kingdom Park Location Dhaka – Ashulia Hwy, Jamgora 1349, Bangladesh
  • Fantasy Kingdom Close Day:
Close Day Open 7 Days a Week
Saturday -Thursday 11 AM to till 07 PM
Friday & Holiday 10 AM to till 08 PM
  • Fantasy Kingdom Contact Number
Contact Number 01969-910100
Email Address [email protected]
  • Fantasy Kingdom Opening Time

Fantasy Kingdom Opening Time does not same in a whole week because Saturday to Thursday opening and closing time is 11 AM – 07 PM. Besides Friday to Sunday opening and closing time is 10 AM – 08 PM.

Saturday to Thursday 11 AM – 07 PM
Friday to Sunday 10 AM – 08 PM
  • Fantasy Kingdom Coupon Code:

For the purpose of advertisement, some brands were giving out the Fantasy Kingdom Coupon Code, but officially, Fantasy Park is not giving this type of offer to the customers. So, if they announce a coupon code, make sure to first post it on the official page.

By all aspects, the Fantasy Kingdom ticket price 2023 offer provides great value for families and students. The family package offers a discount for groups of four or more, making it an affordable option for a fun day out with loved ones. Overall, for the families it is a great platform of enjoyment.

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