Renting a BMW i8 Coupe is easy peasy with BluStreet Exotics Rentals

What’s all the hype about the BMW i8? Ride one to know firsthand why car enthusiasts cannot stop gushing about this luxury sports car. The BMW i8 can travel almost 22 miles on battery power. It’s a super sports car, but terribly expensive. When you cannot spare $150,000 for a new ride, renting it can be the next best option.

Rent a BMW in NYC to get a feel of its high-end features. This model is known for its top-of-the-line driver assist, collision warnings and emergency braking system, and parking sensors on the back and front.

Know more about why renting a BMW i8 can be a perfect choice:

The BMW i8 leaves us spellbound because of its look and feel. This coveted brand is a gorgeous, plug-in hybrid car that’s a low-emission vehicle and boasts of the latest technologies in sports luxury.

If you are traveling to the Big Apple with your loved ones, you can soak in the scenic views of Long Island, the Manhattan skyline, and New Jersey in this exotic car. All you have to do is look for an exotic car rental in Long Island, NY, and you are good to go. Companies like BluStreet Exotics offer a spectacular range of luxury cars that will fascinate you. The BMW i8 is one of the most sought-after rental cars because of the degree of luxury and comfort it offers its passengers.

With a 2+2 seating feature, the coupe is spacious and equipped with modern features and technologies for an incredible ride. Its all-wheel drive feature and fast acceleration make the ride a one-of-a-kind experience. Being an all-electric car, it’s environment-friendly and light to maneuver.

How can you find a good exotic car rental in and around NYC?

  1. Define your needs: The first thing to do to find a good exotic car rental is to understand what you need. If you plan to travel with young children, you will need a car with a bigger boot space and more seats. A two-seater car won’t offer you much luggage space.
  2. Number of passengers: Look at how many people will travel with you. If you are alone, renting a coupe makes sense. If you have company, it is better to choose an SUV.
  3. Places you will cover: If you plan to drive inside the city, you must choose a car that’s easy to park because parking in New York City can be a nightmare for anyone. When you consider making day trips to the suburbs and nearby places, you can rent the BMWi8 coupe.
  4. Look at the budget: Renting a luxury car isn’t cheap. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot find a decent rental rate in NYC. Search online for “exotic car rentals near me” when you are here. You will find multiple options. Request quotes from them and compare these to see which suits your budget. When budget isn’t a problem, go for the top-end luxury cars.
  5. Visit the rental company website: To know which exotic cars are available for rent, you must visit the company site. Start using their search filters to find rental cars in your budget. You can choose a luxury car depending on the number of passengers, luggage requirements, and destinations you will cover.
  6. Research the company: It’s always better to find out about the rental agency in advance. Read reviews on third-party sites and follow client feedback and testimonials on their website. That will tell you whether the agency is dependable.
  7. Visit the facility: Even though a website may clear your doubts about the company, it’s wise to visit the rental service if possible. You can look around to see if whatever is written on the website is valid. Don’t forget to read the company’s policies about renting. Read between the lines to avoid nasty surprises later.
  8. Check insurance: Accidents won’t happen, but you can’t disregard the possibility. Find out who is responsible if there are damages. Most rental companies will advise you to purchase insurance when you rent. Costs will be high because these are luxury cars. So, find out about your insurance coverage before you book a BMW i8.
  9. Don’t be late: When you must rent an exotic car in a hurry, chances are you won’t do research and jump at the first option. It can be a big mistake because not all rental companies are true to their word.


What are some popular choices in exotic cars that you can rent?

People usually choose sports cars, convertibles, SUVs, and luxury sedans. The more popular choices are Ferrari, BMW, Lamborghini, Rolly Royce, and Bentley. Decisions are made based on speed, acceleration, high-end features, comfort, and safety measures.

How long can you rent an exotic car?

You can rent an exotic car for a day, week, or month. Some rental companies can charge extra for mileage, fuel insurance, and other services. You must have a valid driver’s license and clean records to rent a car. You will have to pay in advance for security deposit and insurance.

Can the rental company pick you up and drop you off?

You can collect the rental car at the agency or in a prefixed location. You can find out if the agency will deliver it to your hotel or home and if they will charge you for it.

What should you do if you get a ticket?

As a driver, you must follow the safety rules and take precautions to avoid getting a ticket. Learn about traffic rules and parking laws to avoid getting into trouble on holiday. The rental charges don’t include penalties and fees or towing charges.

Why should you be extra responsible when driving a rented luxury vehicle?

Renting an exotic car is thrilling, but it’s costly. You must not drive irresponsibly and get into trouble. Drive carefully, follow the rules, and be extra attentive because these high-performance cars can be tricky to maneuver. If you aren’t used to driving one, this can be challenging. Moreover, you will be in unfamiliar territory where you must know the speed limits and traffic laws. Remember to follow these, and park the car in well-lit areas. Return it on time to avoid having to pay extra for late returns.

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