Running a Labor-Intensive Business Like an Insurance Brokerage Requires Easy Funding Access

It is the goal of every business to grow and be able to expand operations, but how many of them actually manage to reach such a goal? There are many that are not able to manage their operations well enough and hurtle downward into losses and eventual closure of the business. 

The insurance industry is highly competitive, and it is more so if you are running a brokerage business operating as an aggregator for multiple carriers.

In such a business, you need to constantly keep an eye on your rivals and competitors in order to stay ahead of the race. For that, you will need direct lenders funding from a flexible and reliable lending company.

On the other hand, if you are satisfied with slow but consistent revenue that remains stagnant year on year, then this could land you in trouble. Your competitors will race ahead of you and, before long, will attract most, if not all, of your customers.

You may very well ask, “Am I not earning enough revenue to get by comfortably? Of course, my customers are with me else; where is the revenue coming from?”

Sure, you are currently getting by comfortably because your customers have stayed with you. However, you need to realize that customers love those sellers who have more stuff to offer.

Growing your insurance brokerage business

In the insurance brokerage business, you should be able to offer an adequate number of policy variants for your customers to choose from. Moreover, in order to sell more, you need to invest more in marketing collaterals and personnel.

Customers are always on the lookout for better deals, and if any of your competitors offer it, your customers would be tempted to ditch you and buy from them.

If you want to retain your customers, you must offer them something better and also make persistent efforts to prevent them from slipping out.

This requires more deals with a larger number of insurance carriers as well as more investment in marketing and sales. Such investment capital is not easy to raise all by yourself. You might be having one-fourth or one-third of the required investment capital from your surplus savings, but the rest would have to be borrowed.

Therefore, send your funding application to the right lending agency, where it will be evaluated on merit and not on the basis of outdated norms or preconceived notions.

It is more likely for any business owner, including you, to be growth-oriented even if your insurance brokerage business is not growing well enough.

Many hard-working business owners have to deal with slow growth despite their best efforts. If you are faced with a similar situation, you need to find ways of dealing with it effectively.

You can only do that when you have enough cash in your hand to pay for investments in creating opportunities for growth. Obviously, you need to know where to make such investments.

When you have a long-term growth plan, it is easier to work with business term loans, provided you get it on reasonable terms and the cost of borrowing.

When you borrow money, you also need to pay it back on time with interest. Therefore, your profits should be of the magnitude that allows you to pay back your debt and save enough to carry on your operations smoothly.

Utilize the growth opportunities that come your way

No business owner would want to let go of a growth opportunity if one came along. However, it’s not as easy to capitalize on opportunities when they come because, at most times, they come to you when you are least prepared for them.

Such opportunities can surely make your fortune, and missing out on them may not put you out of business, but if any of your close competitors grab it, then it could lead to hard times ahead.

The big question is, how will it be possible for you to capitalize on such an opportunity if you are not prepared for it?

This is where you are going to need easy access to fast and unsecured credit. This kind of credit is given by specific lenders to their loyal borrowers, and it can be available in as little as 24-48 hours.

If your business shows a steady cash flow for the last couple of years, your chances of getting access to fast cash would be quite high.

Manage runaway overheads with fast and easy funding

It is a major challenge for any business to manage overheads smoothly, and failure to do so too often can put you out of business.

Among all the overheads, the trickiest is payroll expenses because it is connected to your ability to sustain the human resources that you have employed.

They are your most important resources, and their wages need to be paid on time regularly. A delay once or twice a year won’t be a problem, but regular delays can lead to serious labor issues.

With cash flow disruption just around the corner, you need to have access to fast and easy cash advances to tide over the situation without any problems in your business.


  1. I need funding within the next couple of days to avoid an immediate crisis. Will I get the funding that fast?

You are welcome to apply for a loan at Direct Lenders Funding and can rest assured of a fair and fast evaluation of your application.

  • I run a small business and have faced rejection of my loan application by a few lending companies earlier. I am worried about your terms and conditions. 

Our terms of lending are among the easiest anywhere, and our loan approval rate is also very high. If you qualify for the loan, chances of which are normally high at Direct Lenders Funding, you will get the loan.

  • I have a poor credit history. Will it affect my loan application at Direct Lenders Funding?  

That will depend on the kind of loan you are seeking. If it is something like a cash advance, your cash flow status over the last couple of years would matter more than your credit history.

  • Do I need to provide collateral to get a loan from Direct Lenders Funding?

Ans. If it is a secured loan, you will need to provide collateral. If it is not possible for you to provide collateral, there are other funding solutions as well that you might find suitable. 

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