Jamuna Future Park Ticket Price 2023, Rides, Discount Offer

The Jamuna Group has developed a shopping mall that offers a variety of necessities for daily life. The detail of Jamuna Future Park Ticket Price 2023, Rides and Discount Offer are given there. The mall features a range of amenities including food courts, clothing stores, a children’s play area, and a cinema hall. This mall offers an affordable option for a day out, as various brands provide heavy discounts and special deals to customers. The mall also offers a wide selection of cuisines including Chinese, Bangladeshi and Thai dishes, providing a diverse dining experience. Additionally, the mall also features a park that can be accessed with a separate ticket.

Jamuna Future Park Ticket Price 2023

This is a shopping mall and park developed by One Roof Company. So, people also knowing about Jamuna Future Park Ticket Price 2023 that is available. Visitors can access the mall at no cost, however, a fee for entry to the park has been established by the company. The official ticket prices for 2023 can be found in the reference materials provided.

Jamuna Future Park Rides Ticket Price 2023

Jamuna Future Park is a large shopping mall and amusement park in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is one of the largest shopping malls in the country, and it features a wide range of rides and attractions for visitors to enjoy.

Simple Entry Fee in Park 51 Taka
Take any ride except Roller Coaster 151 Taka
Roller Coaster 300 Taka
All package include entry fee, all type of ride like Roller Coaster 751 Taka Per Person

Jamuna Future Park Discount Offer 2023

The management team at Jamuna Park offers various discounts on select occasions. They recently introduced a significant discount promotion, however, the specific details of the Jamuna Future Park Discount Offer for 2023 have yet to be confirmed. While some members of the public speculate that a flat 50% discount will be offered, this information has not been confirmed by the management. We will provide updates as soon as the official discount offer is announced by the management team.

Jamuna Future Park Discount Offer 2023 Will Update Soon
Jamuna Future Park Concert Arena Ticket Price

The concert “Metal Armageddon 2023” at Jamuna Future Park Concert Arena is on January 27, 2023. The ticket price for this event is 350 taka, which is quite reasonable for a concert of this caliber. It is a great opportunity to see some of the best metal bands in the country perform live.

Metal Armageddon Ticket Price 2023 349 Taka
  • Jamuna Future Park Swimming Pool Ticket Price

There are two types of swimming pools for men and women in Jamuna Future Park. Further, the price of the swimming pool is different because they have divided the ticket price into three parts, like children, adult males, and adult females. No doubt the water in a swimming pool is clean all the time, and this is very beneficial for all the people. Some people enjoy swimming as part of their daily routine, but the packages for this group are different because they can purchase a membership. 

Swimming Pool Ticket Price (Contact Number) 880 1717522426
  • Jamuna Future Park weekly off day

Only once a week does Jamuna Park close; otherwise, this park is open six days a week. Furthermore, those looking forward to the Jamuna Future Park Week Off day on Wednesday Furthermore, Wednesday is an off day at Jamuna Future Park. If we discuss some other parks that are available in Bangladesh, they close on Sunday, but the management of this Jamuna Shopping Mall decided to do something different as compared to its competitors. Look below and note the date when this park closes.

Jamuna Future Park Weekly Off Day Wednesday
  • Jamuna Future Park Open Today or Not

7 days a week, but whether the Jamuna Future Park is open today or not. That is significant because most parks are closed on Sunday, but this one is open. Some people are still confused and want to know when this park closes. People’s tensions will now be relieved because a complete weekday chart will be listed below. 

Sunday Open
Monday Open
Tuesday Open
Wednesday Off
Thursday Open
Friday Open
Saturday Open
  • Jamuna Future Park Helpline

Jamuna Future Park has introduced a specific number for the facilitation of customers. Some people have questions about park timing, and others want to make park management suggestions. In such cases, you can call the number listed below or send an email to the official email address. Recently, on the official webpage, they have launched a comment section where people can write reviews.

Address KA-244, Kuril, Progoti Shoroni, Baridhara, Dhaka
Contact Number 8851528, 8851529
Email Address [email protected]
  • Jamuna Future Park Open and Close Time

At specific times, you can enter or exit this park. Those who search for the Jamuna Future Park Open and Close Time now have access to it. The open time of this park is 10:45 p.m, while the close time of this park is 8:00 p.m. This is the time of year, but the Jamuna Park management may change the timing in the winter and summer. Further, if they change the open and close times, we will update the audience members who want to visit.

Jamuna Park Opening Time 10:45 AM
Jamuna Park Closing Time 8:00 PM
  • Jamuna Future Park Roller Coaster Ticket Price

The ticket price for Jamuna Future Park Roller Coaster is 300 Taka. So if you’re interested in a roller coaster ride, now spend 300 taka and enjoy a ride. Moreover, on different occasions, they give special discounts to the customers, but when the administration of this park gives the discounts, we will share them with the people.

Roller Coaster Price 300 Taka
  • Jamuna Future Park all Rides Ticket Price

Jamuna Future is the largest entertainment center, containing everything that appeals to children. Moreover, under 15-year-olds are interested in different rides, and now people are also finding the Jamuna Future Park All Rides Ticket Price 2023 that has been listed above with the ride name and price.

  • Jamuna Future Park Movie Ticket Price

In Jamuna Mall, the place for elder entertainment is less, and the company has introduced a cinema where people can see the latest movies. In addition, the Jamuna Future Park movie ticket price in 2023 is different because some people like 2D movies and some like 3D movies. So, all the details about the movie ticket price are going to be mentioned below.

  • 2D Movies
E-Front BDT 300
E-Rear BDT 350
  • 3D Movies
E-Front BDT 350
E-Rear BDT 400


  • 2D Movies
E-Front BDT 400
E-Rear BDT 450
  • 3D Movies:
  • Club Royale
Executive BDT 600
Business BDT 1000 & BDT 1200
  • Jamuna Future Park Opening Time
Opening Time 11:00 AM
Close Time 08:00 PM

The official ticket prices and discount offers for the park have been announced and are available to the public. So, gather the latest Jamuna Future Park Ticket Price 2023 Rides, Discount Offer. So, it would be a great idea to grab your tickets as soon as possible, as they are expected to sell out quickly.

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